Why pictures don't get scrapped...

The evening starts out alright. Dinner is done, the girls are playing, hubby is relaxing on the couch and playing a star wars game; so I figure I should sit down and play a little too. With my scrapbook stuff that is. Only I see that the floor needs vacuuming. So I pick up the floor to the livingroom then remember the girls' room needed vacuuming as well. I haven't been able to get to my vacuum for the past 2 days because I've had stuff that needed to go to the DI in front of the closet and my BIL hadn't been able to come over to pick all of it up until tonight (he has a truck :D). Back to the story, I tidy up the girls' room, our room, and the livingroom then vacuum all three and am putting away the vacuum thinking now I can relax, but then I remember that I'm supposed to make crock pot chowder tomorrow and need to cook the chicken tonight if I want to make it easy on myself. So now I'm in the kitchen cooking away and deciding while the chicken is cooking to put the rest of the stuff together in the crock pot. That way I can just pull the entire thing out of the frig tomorrow morning and turn it on. By the time I finish that the girls are at each other now, so I'm breaking up a tot fight, then I'm getting their jammies out since it's getting late and by the time I've fixed the top of the armoire, picked up the raisins that were scattered in battle, gotten the bills ready to go out tomorrow, it's the girls' bedtime. So forty minutes of the diaper/jammie put on session, brushing teeth, getting water, reading stories, tucking in and good night kisses and I come out thinking finally, I can sit down. Except now I see that the dishes still haven't been done. So I'm doing dishes, then picking up the girls' dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper, filing some stray papers away and then at last I get to sit down to scrap. And you know what, I'm too pooped to even do that!! And what do I do when I'm too pooped to scrap?..... Blog :P.

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