Have a Happy Christmas!

Just popping in to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season! 


Hey, No Peeking!

I love the vintage look of some of these tags. Of course to me instead of seeing them as vintage, I see them more as Pip Boy style from Fallout, lol. I guess that's just how nerdy I am ;) Either way, they made darling cards. I love pretty much all of them! The tags and borders were the most fun to work with in this set, probably because they are larger and more substantial. The stickers were cute, but most of them were a bit smaller so they didn't fill the cards quite as much as I like.

So that's the last of them! Our quickie Christmas cards that I made for this year. I do realize if I had prioritized a little better I would have made Christmas cards over Thanksgiving weekend and done the gift card sets after the semester was over. Ah well, live and learn ;) Hope you enjoyed them! Have a great day!


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Here are some more of the Christmas cards I made. I got them all sent out on Friday, yay! Hopefully they will get to their destinations before Christmas. This batch is with the sweet color theme from the houses. I just love how candyland it feels. This one was one of my favorites. I love the text and the fun houses, it's just so cute and sweet!

For the most part these cards came together pretty quickly. The sewing took extra time, but I think it added that little extra something that keeps the cards from looking too plain. I did all 20 cards in a single day, so that's saying something for the quickness of them, at least compared to my usual cards ;) Of course none of them have any stamping either. I think if I need to do cards mass produced again I'll do a stamped up set. Maybe I'll make one just in case for next year, lol. Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sister Cards - Tulips

I saved my favorite for last. I really love these tulips and the set is so fun to play with. I'm hoping to get in some time to create a fun little set for myself with these tulips ;) The colors speak very cozy to me, like a warm quilt and a cup of coffee. I know I usually think of spring and summer when I see tulips, but I kind of like that they are cozy here.

And this is the last set that I made. Everything else is just baked treats for our extended family. This year I'll be making cowboy cookies (peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip) and ginger chewies ;) Maybe I'll snap a pic of the gifty bags and their tags. I simply did another mass produced tag and paired it with regular kraft gift bags. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing all these mini sets. Have a wonderful week getting ready for the holidays! 


Sister Cards - Sweet

Today is my 30th birthday! Is it strange that I'm happy to finally be in my 30s, lol? I've always felt older than I am, pretty much all my life. Now that I am 30, I finally feel more like my age ;) Anyway, I decided that since it's my b-day, I'd post the cupcake set I made for the sister cards. This was one of my favorite sets, mostly because I just love the cupcakes. This is definitely my go-to birthday stamp set. As for my day, I'm not doing much really and that's perfectly wonderful for me. The kiddos are still in school and I've been hustling to make the last of the Christmas prezzies. Today will be all about relaxing though. I'm planning on doing whatever I want, so probably reading, lol. The hubby will be taking me out to dinner tonight so I won't have to cook either ;)

However, I will be making a cake. For Cherry's b-day she had requested a chocolate cake with strawberry icing. I hate canned icing so I decided we'd just pick up some strawberry extract and I'd make the icing like I usually do. Only we couldn't find strawberry anywhere. But we did find raspberry and luckily she's an easy going girl and was okay with that. So I made chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese icing and it was SO GOOD! So, I decided that for my birthday we'd double it up and make it a chocolate raspberry cake with the raspberry cream cheese icing (in addition to the hubs already taking me out to dinner and having dessert there as well, lol). So I'm excited for that, and a day off ;) Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the cards and have a happy Monday!


Sister Cards - Cheerful

These colors remind me of summer and sunshine. Plus the stamps are just very cute. Cherry loved this set, probably because of the bright colors. I really enjoyed mass producing all these cards. There's something about seeing them all packaged up pretty. I stacked and wrapped them with a cardstock strip then added a punched out label that I printed out for the card sets. They look so nice and Paul even said they looked all professional ;)

My favorite is the bird, probably because I was able to fit in the text flourishes on those cards. Though I do love those little tea cups. I only wish my ink came out better. It's really faded or dried out or something since the last time I used them (which was probably over a year ago!). Ah well, they still look pretty cute and that's what matters ;) Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday!


Sister Cards - Woodland

This set was one of the most fun to make. I just love animal themes, especially these cute woodland creatures. I don't use them as often as I should though (that probably goes for all my stamping stuff!) One of these days I want to go through the set and just make a least one card per sentiment since the add on had so many fun sentiments in it. This skunk is still one of my faves, probably because it reminds me of my girls. They are so cute and yet they can be such little stinkers, lol!

The sister that this card set is for seems to have more guy friends than girl friends, or maybe they just do more with her hubby's friends, I'm not sure. Anyway, I wanted to make a set for her that could work for both guys and gals just in case ;) My hubby says that just getting a card is awesome and that I shouldn't worry about it too much, but I know when I make him cards I want them to be more masculine. Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


Sister Cards - Elegant

For my sister and sister-in-laws I made little mini sets of 9 cards each. I wanted to make them at least a little customized, so I picked different color schemes and stamp sets for each sister. That way, if they gave them to each other or to the same person, it wouldn't be the exact same card ;) Here's the first batch.

I used the same formula for all the card sets. One of the top card, using the last scrap pieces and then four each of the two 3-panel cards. I know everyone can use extra birthday and thank you cards so those were the ones I made. Just really quick and simple, but something fun to get aside from the yearly goodies I bake. This set came out the most elegant ;) I hope you enjoy. Have a fabulous Friday!


Snowman Christmas Cards

I didn't have many Christmas cards already made so I pulled out this cute set from Cosmo Cricket that I got a couple years ago. I had kept a lot of the tags and stickers with the premise that I was saving them for scrapping Christmas pictures. But as usual, instead of using them I just kept them around and I figured since I needed some cards quick, I'd use the set - tags and all - to make a fun set of flat Christmas cards to send out.

These are the snowmen cards I got out of the supplies I had left. I ended up making 20 different cards which I'll be posting the rest of next week ;) Most of the texts in these cards was from the border paper sheet. I love how cute these little snowmen are! Some machine stitching adds a bit of interest to these flat cards. I made them without any embellishments that stick out so that I could just slap a stamp on them and send them out seeing as it's already half way through December! Thanks for visiting and I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday!


With a Tea Theme

These are the last cards that I added to my moms' sets. This stamp set is so fun and it's been a while since I've played around with it. This time I used some an easy stripey pattern on the cards with various colors from the green tea leaves paper set.

And that's all of the cards in my mom and mom-in-law's gift sets. I also made a few extras to go in some gifty sets for a couple close friends as well. I know they're nothing fancy, but I'm proud of them and it makes me happy to know they will be appreciated and enjoyed ;) I hope you guys enjoyed the cards too! Have a lovely Wednesday!


Tulip Set

One of my favorite kinds of flowers are tulips. So when Papertrey came out with this set, I got it almost immediately. Unfortunately I haven't used it very much. So with my gifty cards I thought to change all that. These are part of the gift set for my mom and my MIL. Again I stuck with the 4 of each card so each set would have 2 of a kind.

They are simple like the other ones. I really loved playing with the set! And using up these green tea leaves papers is an extra plus. I love it when I use up supplies! Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Tuesday!


Quick Cards for Gifting and Giving

I'm sorry for being MIA for so long! The last couple months have gone by so quickly and this week I will finish the last of my finals (yay!) Cherry's birthday last week was a blast and Thanksgiving was wonderful. I hope the fall and winter have been treating all of you well ;) So for my first post back after the past two months I thought I'd share a quick little Christmas gift to whip up. I've made these over Thanksgiving weekend but haven't had the chance to snap pics of them and post until now. Using one all around stamp set (I believe the 2010 anniversary set from Papertrey Ink), I created this first round of simple cards from supplies I already had on hand. These took a couple hours to make two sets - one for my mom and one for my MIL. There are 4 of each card - 2 per set.

There is just a 4x4 piece of pattern paper paired with a stamped image that's been punched out with a circle punch and matted on scallop punched cardstock. Some of the cards I used an extra strip of 1.25" pattern paper in the smaller print, mostly to use up extra paper I have on hand. I also added pretty little punched borders, but overall the cards are very simple and no fuss. Plus they are flat for easy mailing, something I've noticed my relatives have a hard time with if I give them embellished cards. They are fun little notecards for people who aren't as into the crafting scene as I am. I can make a lot of these really quickly too, which makes them great for a simple gift. This is just the first batch that went in the big set I made for my moms. I'll be posting the rest of sets I made them and the sets I made for my sis and SILs later this week and next. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely Monday!


Week 7 in Drawing

18" x 24" - Skeletal Study - Skull and Elbow - Pencil - October 3, 2011

This was the last week of sketches before midterm and we worked on the skeletal form with our very stylishly posed yet somewhat incomplete skeleton ;) It felt perfect for the upcoming Halloween and I just realized with posting this that even my extra credit sketch is Halloweenesque! Anyway, this piece is simply whatever medium we wanted on the white. I picked pencil.

12" x 18" - Skeletal Study - Hip - White Charcoal and Conte Crayon on Black Paper - October 5, 2011

The real challenge came when we had to use a white medium on black paper. Trying to draw the light instead of the shadows was really difficult for me and I got very frustrated with this one, to the point where I ended with scribbling frantically with a lot of my marks. Everyone who saw it really liked it though, so I suppose it didn't come out as bad as I thought ;) After all, that 'sketchy' look is quite popular, lol.

9" x 11" - Extra Study - Crafted Raven - Ultra Fine and Fine Sharpie - Oct. 7, 2011

And here is my extra credit piece. The raven I used was actually missing an eye and he's a bit banged up, so I tried to improve him slightly in my picture. I at least gave him two whole eyes ;) Anyway, it's semester break and I'm really REALLY hoping to steal some crafty time - make a card, scrap a page, or sew something, while on break. So hopefully, I'll have something actually crafty to share with you soon! Thanks for sticking around gals ;)