Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's been a great Thanksgiving. My girls slept in, which I was very thankful for. My hubby and I had fun being silly and naming off everything we were thankful for as we encountered it, thankful for our abundance in food during breakfast, thankful for technology when we turned on the computer, thankful for family, thankful for running water (hot running water especially), etc. It was fun to count off what we are grateful in our lives as we did stuff throughout the morning, something that I hope we can turn into a tradition with our girls. I'm very grateful that we have extended family to spend Thanksgiving with. As odd as we all are, it is so much fun to get together and have that feeling of belonging. And an added plus was that I only had to make one dish to bring to dinner! I'm so very thankful for my hubby who is always there for me and supports me even with my 'scrap crap'. And speaking of 'scrap crap' I'm grateful for scrapbooking!! With that said, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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