Halloween Cuties

So I finally got the roll of film back for Halloween :D Here's our girls all dressed up!!

Our Prissy Princess ^_^. Caitlyn was Sleeping Beauty for Halloween, or as she calls her "Sleeping Cutie". Unfortunately Caitlyn was so afraid of many of the costumes that she couldn't go trunk or treating, nor could she even eat in the cultural hall where our ward Halloween party was. Our poor princess was literally petrified and had to stay out in the lobby with Daddy because she was that frightened. She was much happier when we got back home though and had a blast playing with snake and watching a show before bedtime.

Caitlyn playing with snake. This is such a pretty dress. I actually had to mend it today before she got to wear it because she wears it all the time to play dress up in the house.

Our little baker girl :D. Audrey was too cute as a little baker. She even had her own miniature wooden spoon which she soon abandoned in favor of an eyeball, one of the table decorations. She carried the eyeball all night and had a blast looking at everyone's costumes. What she especially liked was the donuts for dessert!! Audrey was quite the handful that night, running around and exploring everything while examining everyone's costumes. She was very taken with a couple of girls that were dressed as witches with bright purple and glitter in their costumes.

Our girl enjoying a donut!

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scrappernic said...

Darling girls! How fun :)