Stop and Smell...

Supplies : Sugared paper by Basic Grey; Cardstock and Ribbon by Pebbles; Ink and Button by CTMH; Forest Friends Stamp Set by Papertrey Ink; Waxy Flax

This was such a fun little card to make. I was somewhat worried about the brown with the black skunk but it ended up working out just fine! The colors remind me of baby girl colors. It would be fun to make a card with the little stinker sentiment for a gift of diapers or other baby toiletries, lol. And Jenn asked what punch I used on the last card. I'm not sure if you meant the scallops but I actually just used the paper craft mini scallop scissors. Roberts and Michaels sell them for $1 or less, lol. For the heart I cut it out but the punch that fits these is the little pink EK Success heart :D.
A quick update on Paul, he's finally done with all his IV treatments and he's feeling really good right now. Hopefully that means the Solumedrol stopped the flare up. Of course getting them was pretty crazy, his veins just don't like getting IVs. They just kept moving and even though they did an IV he was supposed to keep in, it didn't work the next day so he had to get poked again. I think he got 7 pokes in all for just trying to get 3 IVs. One of them actually started to take and then his vein moved part of the way through the treatment. We just had to laugh because this kind of stuff happens every time he needs an IV. He has an appointment with the neurologist later in April to see how he's doing and so far things are looking up. Anyhoo, have a happy Tuesday!


A Little Luck

Supplies : Paper and Cardstock from Pebbles; Ribbon, Ink, and Button from CTMH; Heart Prints and Heart Prints Sentiments stamp sets from Papertrey Ink; Waxy Flax

A very simple card, I had actually made this to post on St. Patty's Day. I loved the clover made from hearts, the idea sprung to me before I was headed off to bed and I knew I had to make it instead of going to sleep, lol. Unfortunately late that night Paul started not feeling well so I skipped posting that evening, thinking I would do it the next day and as you can see that didn't happen either, lol. BUT I am getting to it now, lol. I remember trying to find four leaf clovers when I was little, though I don't remember if I actually found any. Back then anything that dealt with clovers reminded me of Patty-O-Green from Rainbow Bright. Now when I see clovers I think of Goodluckabella, lol!! Have a good Monday!


Musical Christmas

Supplies : Pattern Paper by My Minds Eye; Cardstock, Ink, and mini brads by CTMH; Big Brads by American Crafts; Ribbon and Snowfall Additions stamp set by Papertrey Ink

Though I missed posting my cards last week for Sparkle's Christmas Card Challenge, I did have some made. These were the ones I created this week. I really loved the pretty icy blue and dark chocolate in the reindeer paper. The week before I had a really hard time trying to use this line of papers, but this time I didn't have any trouble at all. The reindeers inspired the sentiment and the glittery snowflakes were an easy way to fill the space instead of an image. The snowflakes are also on pop dots giving them added dimension and if you look closely you'll notice the pattern they are on is a music themed paper, perfect to go along with the Jingle Bell song theme.

Supplies : Pattern Paper by My Minds Eye; Cardstock, Ink, Markers, and Bethlehem Stamp Set by CTMH; Ribbon by Papertrey Ink; Brads by American Crafts

These cards were the ones I made last week. I was using another Christmas music theme - "O little town of Bethlehem". I don't think they are as cute as the ones I had made this week with the same line of papers, but that was probably because I wasn't quite in the mood to be using these colors then. I had just spent the last few days spring cleaning my craft stuff before making these and when it came to create the practicality of using up my older papers outwayed my inspiration to use brighter colors for spring. Either way my SIL said they were really pretty so I know the recipients of these will enjoy them and that's what really matters :D Anyhoo, don't forget to check out Sparkle's Blog for the challenge and have a lovely Sunday!


A Girl and Her Cat

Supplies : Pattern Paper by Basic Grey; Buttons, Ribbon, and Cardstock by CTMH; Thickers Letters and Remarks Stickers by American Crafts

Okay, unlike the layout I posted yesterday, this one was fast. I made it to coordinate with the flutterby page even though these pictures are more about her with Mao. I was looking at the pictures and comparing them to how he is now and boy that cat has been through a whole lotta lovin in just the past year!! He doesn't come out that clean anymore in the wash, he has a hole chewed through his tale, part of his nose is chipped off, and his mouth threads are all loose. Poor thing! Audrey still loves him to pieces though (literally!) lol, and Mao's latest adventures have been playing Bus Driver for her chameleon (not a real one thank goodness!). She sets them up in her Little People bus and Mao is always in front driving them around, lol!

Anyway, with all that has been happening with Paul's health and trying to prep Cait for Kindergarten I'm not going to worry about submissions like I wanted to this year. I've also been working out a lot since late January to get healthier (15 lbs lost so far!), so a lot of things have been taking the place of my crafting time. And right now when I finally get a few moments to craft I want it to be just for me - to escape the stresses of everyday life. Hopefully there will be a chapter in my life where I can devote more time to trying to get published. Right now it's just not a priority anymore. Enough of my yakking though ^_~ As always thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! I'll have both sets of the Christmas cards I made for last week and this week up tomorrow :D


Finding Flutterbys

Supplies : Pattern Paper by Basic Grey; Cardstock, Buttons, and Ribbon by CTMH; Thickers Letters and Remarks Stickers by American Crafts; Chipboard Butterflies by Scenic Route; Embroidery Floss by DMC

It's been such a crazy couple of weeks for us. Paul is having another relapse. The effects began last week on Tuesday when he blacked out once and nearly passed out another time. All that week we ended up taking him to the VA clinic here to see what was up. It was so drastic that we thought is was something other than his MS. Yet all his tests came back fine by this Tuesday and it wasn't until he talked to the neurologist that they were like yup, it's a relapse. Luckily, it's been long enough since his last treatment so he can get the IV steroid treatment used to calm down the inflammation in his brain. His last relapse in October was too soon for them to do it again as they had just done it in April. Three relapses in a year! I'm really praying that this is it for a while, poor guy!

I did create a little bit last week but just haven't had the time to really take some pics and get stuff posted. Now that we have his treatment all set up for the weekend I can relax a little and do some other stuff. This layout was made using the IB sketch #12. As simple as this looks it took me forever - the handstitched embroidery border and those butterflies were what did it, lol. Audrey loves butterflies, her shirt in this one has a pretty embroidered butterfly on it which is what inspired the more crafty elements on the page :D Anyway, the girls are at least doing well. It's been really windy so they haven't wanted to play outside too much but I can totally understand since I don't like going out when it's that windy either. Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous Friday! Thanks for stopping by!


Every Girl Needs a Pony

Supplies : Pattern Paper - Sugared by Basic Grey, Notebook paper by Collage Press; Buttons and Ink by CTMH; Thickers and Remarks letter stickers by American Crafts; Heart Prints stamp set by Papertrey Ink; Marvy Heart Punches; Waxy Flax; Ribbon and CS from LSS; Fiskars Majestic Scissors

Both my girls love ponies so much! And lately, 'Daddy Pony' has caught Audrey's special attention. He goes everywhere with her and she adores him. I often wonder if her love for Daddy pony is more of an extension for her love for Paul though. Audrey adores Paul so much, and usually when she's fawning over Daddy pony, it's when he isn't around. So I totally have to wonder if 'Daddy Pony' isn't just being loved because of his name, lol.

Anyway, I finally delved into the March Pagemaps this month :D Sometimes it's just really hard to use those guys because there always seems to be a huge photo in the sketch. You know, one of those that you have to have a large photo printer for - which I don't have, lol. So to get by I usually try to fit in more than one photo in the big photo spot. For this sketch it worked pretty well ^_^ The two stacked photos were supposed to be one big one.

And I have a short funny conversation for you. This happened yesterday afternoon.

Cait : Mom, let's go swimming!
Me : We can't hunny, it's too cold.
Cait : I can use a jacket with my swimsuit!
Me : (trying not to bust up laughing) It doesn't work that way sweetie, it's still too cold.
Cait : Ahhhh, nuts!

You have to just love kid logic!! I almost couldn't stop laughing to tell Paul. Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy and have a good Monday!


Going Green for Christmas

Supplies : Pattern Paper - Falala by Making Memories, Sultry Line by Basic Grey; Cardstock NEI, Kiwi, Col White by CTMH; Textured Green by Bazzil; Buttons, Ink, Markers, Prisma Glitter, Snowfriend, Life's A Jungle, and Friendship Alpha stamp set by CTMH; Marvy Snowflake punches; Glitter Embroidery Floss by Kreinik; White Gel Pen by Sakura

What a real challenge this one was! This week Sparkle challenged us to make our Christmas cards all green for St. Patty's day. Monochromatic cards are really tough for me so I spent most the week just trying to think of what I could do that would be all green. Christmas trees were on the top of my list, next to that an all sentiment card, and then maybe snowmen or bella. It wasn't until I started looking through my supplies that things began to come together for me. The Falala paper started the snowball effect and from there I went to snowmen, then somehow to alligators with the snowmen's hats, lol.

I had so much fun making these cards. They took forever, lol, but it was exciting to see how they were coming together. The buttons are hand stitched on with glitter floss, half of the paper is scissor distressed, and both the alligator and his hat were paper pieced and then colored (I used some green bazzil to give the gator more texture). I even glittered the tops of their little hats ^_~ These cards looked so fuzzy and cozy that I had to give them some warm winter sentiments. All in all I think these guys are just adorable! Don't forget to check out Sparkle's Blog for the challenge and her cards :D Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely Sunday!


Grad Card

Supplies : Pattern Paper - Bloom & Grow and Tres Jolie by My Minds Eye; CS, Inks, Markers, and Button by CTMH; Other Buttons by My Minds Eye; Wise Owl and Father Knows Best stamp sets by Papertrey Ink; Waxy Flax; White Gel pen by Sakura

I needed to make a high school grad card for my sis and the Taylored Expressions Sketch for this Friday was my beginning inspiration. I knew I wanted to do something with the tree and I remembered seeing a card where one of the bitty owls from the Wise Owl stamp set was up in the tree so I tried it out. He turned out so cute! Some darling buttons and the card was complete! Enjoy and have a happy Saturday!

Pictures of the Week

Spring is here and it's photo fever for me. I have snapped over 200 shots this past week, though I've only kept about a fourth of them. I'm very trial and error with my photos, lol. One of these days I'll brave the manual capabilities of my camera, but for now the auto takes good enough pictures to satisfy me ^_~ Here are just a few of my favs. Isn't Audrey too cute in this picture? She is such a doll and I love that she will pose for the camera!

Lately Caitlyn's been a bit more camera shy and her best smiles seem to appear when she's not looking at the camera. I thought this one came out so sweet, it just captured one of her precious happy smiles that I haven't been able to catch in a while. She wasn't looking up at me but I think that made the photo even sweeter. Usually Caitlyn is so wild and fiery, but every once in a while she has her shy moments and this shot captured that feeling so well.

This last photo is of Audrey wearing one of my favorite hand-me-down outfits from Cait. I wished she would have given me some smiles (look at that almost pout!), but we were in a hurry to get Paul to the college so I didn't have time to snap more than just a few photos. After we came back home we ate lunch since hungry kids don't make happy models and Audrey spilt yogurt all over her dress, lol. I'll have to try again later because it's getting warmer and soon she won't even let me put the jacket on her, though the dress is darling without. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few peeks at the photos I've been taking. I have been thinking about doing that photo-a-day challenge, but we'll see ^_~ Anyhoo, have a wonderful Saturday!



Supplies : Pattern Paper by Sassafras (bird print), Scenic Route (grid), and P Inc (dots); Cardstock and Brads by CTMH; Thickers letter stickers by American Crafts

The other day I was trying to craft and just couldn't get my mojo going so I decided to look up more sketches. I didn't want to go for my usual PageMaps and IB won't have the new sketch up until the 15th so I just picked a link on my side bar that sounded good and Getting Sketchy happened to be it. And happy day, the March sketch was totally an inspiration! If you make a layout using the sketch and link it before the 25th you'll also be entered into a random prize drawing ^_~

These are pictures of my girls in the tunnel at the park. Their Aunt was playing peek-a-boo with them and taking pictures. They are a bit blurry but way too cute to toss. Using some fun Sassyfras paper and some old scraps from summer layouts, this page came together in a jiffy and I love how everything on the page helped bring out the fun in the funky photos. Recently they completely tore out the old playground and installed a really nice new one in our complex. Both the girls love it! The last time I took Audrey by herself since Cait was in school. She wanted to go down the slide but wouldn't and I couldn't figure out why because she just kept pointing down the slide. So I got closer to her and asked what was wrong and she said "It's stuck!" "What's stuck?" I asked back. "The BUG!" There was this teeny tiny gnat sitting almost half way down the slide! I have no idea how she could have possibly spotted the thing before hightailing it down the slide but I brushed it away and suddenly all was well, lol.

The funny thing is I think they get that from me because Cait does it too! She notices bugs that you have to hunt for to even see, lol. Anyway, when Paul and I were first together I always did that. I'd see a tiny gnat on the wall while we had the lights off and were watching TV, or I'd see the itsy light brown spider crawling over the tan carpet. It would drive Paul crazy because I'm also terrified of bugs! Yes I know they are smaller, I am big, but still.... they terrify me. Since I've had the girls I don't see them as often and I've really had to just suck up my fear and take care of the little suckers. Of course this has good ramifications and bad. While I don't want Audrey and Caitie to be too afraid of bugs (I pretend I'm not scared when I have to get them, unless they are big and then there is just no hiding it), I also didn't want them to really like them either and Audrey has more than once brought potato bugs and beetles in the house, lol! Though I seriously wasn't laughing when it happened. ^_~ Anyway, thanks for visiting and reading my bug ramble, lol. Have a fabulous Friday!!


Love My Chickie

Supplies : Pattern Paper, Title Sticker, Theme Stickers, and Candy Dots by P Inc. (Pebbles in my Pocket); Ink, Cardstock, and Friendship Alpha stamp set by CTMH

Oh dear! It's another layout using the #11 sketch, lol. Can you tell how much I've been liking this sketch? I took a different twist on it this time, using 2 photos and omitting the second panel. I don't even remember taking these pictures but I think they are so cute! Okay, well I always think Audrey is so cute, but that's not the point, lol. I love outdoor photos and it seems my camera must love them too because it takes such gorgeous pictures when we are outside! It was so funny with this sweater. I could have sworn I bought a 3T, so when Audrey was growing out of it in November (but still wanted to wear it because she loved it, lol) I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Well, I've been gathering up the winter clothes to pack them up and realized that the sweater was a 2T!! No wonder she was growing out of it so fast! It's always sad for me to pack up Audrey's clothes to send to her cousin. I love so many of her outfits, they are hard to give away. But I know they go to better use with little Laurielee getting to wear them as well ^_~ They are a little over a year apart, so the hand-me-down timing is just about perfect! Anyhoo, I hope you've enjoyed all these IB sketch layouts :D Have a merry Thursday!


Relax . . .

Supplies : Pattern Paper - Mellow and Sugared by Basic Grey, Tres Jolie by My Minds Eye, Chocolate Swirl/Dot by P Inc., Notebook Paper by Collage Press; Thickers Letter Stickers and Thumbtac Button by American Crafts; Chipboard Butterfly by Scenic Route; Acrylic Glitter Butterfly by Colorbok

Another layout using the #11 Inspired Blueprints sketch. I really love how the papers coordinated in this one. The journaling is about one of my favorite relaxing past times - to sip some tea, have a muffin, and just let time slow :D I kept this layout very simple as well and I really like how clean the page feels even with all the busy paper. This is another layout for my album about me. I've been seeming to lean toward the orange and greens for my book. Maybe I should make it a theme ^_~.

So completely off topic here, Cait and Audrey have really been into everything being a family lately, especially Cait. It's so funny that all their toys have a mommy, daddy, and babies! Well, we've had some construction going on in our apartment complex and there is a tiny construction truck, a medium sized digger truck and a bigger digging truck (I have no idea what any of these are really called, lol). So what's the first thing Cait says when she see's them? "Oh look there's a baby truck!!" Soon after follows a hysterical giggle and "There's a mommy truck! There's a daddy truck!!" lol Everytime we leave now she has to point them out. If one of them is missing (usually the 'mommy' truck), she asks where it went. She is such a kooky kid! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the layout! Thanks for visiting and have a happy Wednesday!


2 Peas in a Pod

Supplies : Pattern paper and accents Bloom & Garden by My Minds Eye; Mini dot on Kraft by Making Memories; Chipboard Branch, Sorbet Brad, and Ink by CTMH; Thickers Alpha Stickers by American Crafts; Snail from Forest Friends stamp set by Papertrey Ink

This was such a quick and fun layout! I used the #11 Inspired Blueprints sketch to make this easy page. I love how the kraft paper gave such an earthiness to the new MME patterns. I have so many of these darling 'sister' pictures of my girls together. Any chance I get I am having them pose together for pictures, lol. The title has been one I have wanted to use before on baby pictures but never did. Caitlyn always seemed so much bigger than Audrey until Audrey reached toddler age. Now they share most everything, even clothes (already!). They really are my cute little peas! I hope you enjoy and have a terrific Tuesday!


Little Sass

Usually my girls are sweethearts, but every once in a while they can get so very bratty! While Audrey wasn't actually trying to be a sass while taking this pic, the look I caught was so perfectly snotty that I had to keep it for future scrapbooking about what a stinker she can be sometimes! And to go along with that, I thought I'd just post some fun quotes about kids :

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~Franklin P. Jones

Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music. ~William Stafford

A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap. ~Author Unknown

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ~Angela Schwindt

Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed. ~Robert Gallagher (this is an every night thing for us right now, lol!!)

There are a lot more that I like, but these have been on the top of my list lately ^_~. Also, over the past couple weeks I've spent hardly any time at all on the internet, and even though I didn't respond immediately these awards really brightened up my day!

Laurel gave me this darling Ladybug Award. Thanks dearie!

And Stephanie gave me the Kreativ Blogger award which I've had before, but it's always fun to get ^_~ Thanks Steph!

I'm so happy that there are so many people that like my creations enough to visit my blog! I might not interact a whole lot online of late, but I love being able to share and reading your comments on my work. Thanks for being such sweet readers! And have a marvelous Monday!


Christmas Time

Supplies : Pattern Paper by Making Memories (kraft mini dot), My Minds Eye (laundry line), and CTMH (key to my heart); Cardstock, Ink, Button, Music of Christmas and Sans Small Alpha stamp sets by CTMH; Aqua Mist Ribbon by Papertrey Ink; pinkk staples and waxy flax

The first thing that came to my mind when reading that the theme for this week was going to be time was the song 'It's the most wonderful time of the year'. So I had to make some cards featuring that first line as the sentiment. In fact, I also had to listen to the song while making the cards, lol. To get in the mood to make my Christmas cards for the challenges I listen to Christmas music before I start. I know it's probably silly, but it really gets my mind set ready to create holiday projects!

Since I haven't been creating this past week I wanted to play around with placements on these two cards to get my mojo going. The first card is a based off a design from the Originals book by CTMH but the second I just put together. I loved how well these scraps came together! I'm such a purger that I get so excited when I find ways to use up my paper scraps. This year I have done so well in keeping my scrap paper stash down. I hope I can stay this good for the rest of the year! Make sure to check out Sparkle's blog with her cards and the links to the other cards for the challenge! Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday!


Christmas Card Catchup

Supplies : Pattern paper by Bo Bunny, Scenic Route, and Making Memories; Blue CS by Bazzill; Tabs by My Minds Eye; Tulip Cardstock, Ink, Friendship and Sans Small Alpha stamp sets by CTMH; pink staples

I totally spaced the Christmas Card Challenge last week! So today I decided to make the challenge cards and the cards for last week. I'm sharing the ones I needed to catch up on today :D Recognize some of the papers? Last week I used these Valentine Bo Bunny papers to make this layout. The last scrap was just enough to make two 4.25 square cards. The paper for the trunk of the trees was also scrap from one of my layouts that week as well :D I love how you can make Christmas cards out of almost any paper!

These were so simple and easy to make, plus they are flat! Here's the link to Sparkle's post last week for the Christmas Card Challenge in case you missed it. The theme this week is 'Time' :D Anyway, I hope you've all been having a great week! Thanks for visiting!