A Lesson Learned

So I just sent my first four 12x12 swap pages out today and was floored by how much it cost me in shipping. $20 each for the round trip to two different hostesses. The one thing I can say is I'm glad I didn't actually have to buy product to make the swaps as well since I had everything on hand, but still.... that's a lot of money to pay on shipping. I've just found out that it's best to just send it all priority flat rate in the 8.95 box and to print the label from the USPS site which will give me delivery confirmation for free and save me 65 cents. So a round trip would still cost me $18. Not much of a difference, but still two dollars is two dollars right? That will at least help me on my shipping for my next swaps. But even still, if that's the cheapest I can send out swaps in, than 12x12 swaps are seeming to be very unaffordable. I did get another tip though and that's to sign up for the same hostess on multiple swaps so you can just send one box with all the swaps in it. That sounds really good except I notice that different ladies hold the swaps I want to do.... ARGH! It's just a no win with the shipping costs. I'm wondering though about hosting a swap now. I won't have to pay shipping, I get to pick the subjects, I can participate in the swap, and I can give out goodies too which I think would be really fun! My only concern is, I don't know how 'popular' I am on the boards and am worried that no one would sign up. Maybe I'll just wait it out and try after the holidays when people aren't swamped with the seasonal stuff and I'll have had more experience with the shipping swaps thing now that I have a friend that has kind of taken me under her wing to help teach me the tricks of swapping ^_^. That and a little experience goes a long way lol.

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