Weekend Sewing : Puppy Love

I whipped up some collars and leashes for the girls' stuffed puppies. They had been asking me for collars and at first I just tied some extra ribbon around their necks, but they kept falling off which meant I was tying ribbon every 15 minutes, lol.

First I made some simple collars with velcro closures. The tag is made from felt with a little bit of interfacing on the back for stability. I embroidered a letter for the name. B is for Biscuit ;)

Then I made little leashes that attached to the collar so the girls could 'walk' their dogs. They got such a kick out of it! Caitlyn took it seriously and took Sam outside for his walk. I tried to get her to keep him inside but she kept sneaking him out. The compromise was that Sam was not to be dragged but floated over the sidewalk, hehe. Except for the pictures of course, but only because Momma posed him ;)


BananaStamper said...

So super cute! Love your photos too! Those puppies are super sweet!

Sparkle said...

These are darling!

cynthia said...

my girls would love it if i made leashes for their webkinz pets! cute idea, thanks!