What a day!

This post is for Monday :P It's just way late (past 12am!)

So today started out pretty badly. It was Caitlyn's first day and the morning was just awful for us. Not only did Caitie wake up in the middle of the night, she stayed up for nearly three hours!! Needless to say when I had to wake her up this morning not only was I grumpy from staying up with her to try to coax her back to sleep, but she was really grumpy as well. She whined, fought, and cried all through breakfast, getting ready and even doing her hair. I did get first day of school pics but the first couple might be a little teary :S Plus she didn't want to pose for pictures since she was in a bad mood. She did look super cute though even with the tears!

Things went a little better on the way to school. She was happy to get to wear her new backpack and new jacket and when we got to the school she was really excited. The classroom was cute and though Caitlyn seemed to have a hard time initially with the new routine, she also seemed to be quite happy to be there. I have another little one at home and needed to take my hubby to the college for class (it's tough only having one car sometimes), so I didn't get to stay too long. Which was fine because by the time I left she was already doing her one on one lessons with one of the teachers.

After dropping my hubby off at school I got to visit my upline and get... THE NEW CATTY!!! And oh my gosh do I love it! I didn't get much time to look through though since by the time I left my upline's house it was time for Audrey and I to go pick up Caitie from preschool. She apparently had a great time in class but when I came to pick her up she was also very excited to come back home. The day was much better by now and only got better as it continued on. The girls played so well today and Caitlyn was in a much better mood.

Then the mail came and I got an even bigger surprise. My mom sent us a large gift card for my birthday, Caitie's b-day and Christmas! She had already sent us a box with presents for everyone so this was an extra surprise. So not only did I get the new catty but we got this as well. It felt like Christmas already!! Then I tell my hubby about it and the amount was large enough so that I could get a new camera (something I've wanted for a long time!) and he lets me go out to Target to pick one out.

So, can you guess what my early Christmas present was? Yup, a camera!! I got a Fugi FinePix S700 and so far am loving it. It's my first digital camera and I am so happy with it right now. The real test will be tomorrow when I try it out on my girls but so far the pics I've been taking just of my hubby and his sister (plus various things in the house and outside tonight) have turned out great! The auto works wonderfully on it's own but the camera also has so many settings I must have taken at least 200+ pictures tonight just to play around with settings. Plus the lag time is so much shorter than all the other cameras I played with (a huge plus when trying to take pictures of kids).

Our Christmas tree using a pretty setting (I don't remember which one lol. I should really write them down! I was just cycling through to see different effects.)

And our nativity on auto :D or at least a part of it. It's just a little cheapy one that we've had for years, but it works. One day I'd love to get a really nice nativity set (one day when my kids are grown and moved out, lol!)

So I didn't make anything today, just took pics, cleaned house, played with my girls, and ogled the catty!

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Kristine said...

Gorgeous tree and neat nativity! :) I STILL don't really have a descent one. We got this little wooden carved one (3 piece) for our wedding as it was a few days b4 Christmas, but it's very vaguely carved and kinda ugly, so it stays wrapped up :( Anyway, LOVE this! And by the way, your dd's are soo cute!