We're sleeping.... really!

Both Caitlyn and Audrey love it when I play stuff animals with them, or just pretend play with any of their toys. And when a toy or lovie is sleeping, I make the trademark fake snoring sound effect "ssnnaahh---chhooooo". This is really funny because the girls will imitate it every so often in their own play or will want me to pretend I'm asleep. Now for the real kicker. I'm making my usual rounds tonight through the house to tidy up after the girls have been put in bed and I hear them jabbering. Usually at this point I walk up to their door and crack it a bit more open to check on them, then tell them to go to sleep. But before I got to the door I suddenly hear Audrey fake snoring. Caitie says something in a whisper, but Audrey keeps fake snoring. I wait for a few moments, laughing to myself as I listen to Audrey attempting to not get caught staying up before leaving and the moment I start to walk away, she giggles. I couldn't help but to laugh outloud at that and could just imagine her in her own little mind thinking 'mommy didn't catch us.'

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