My Poor Baby...

Caitlyn is playing away having a great time jumping up and down and singing "I like to move it!!" just a little bit before bedtime when WHAM! She scrapes her hand on the AC intake vent in the hallway and scratches off some skin. It hardly bled but I know those scratches can sting terribly, not to mention that it was on a very painful spot, against the side of her hand right under her pointer finger. She cried and cried and cried and cried. And all she would let me do was hold her, she wouldn't even let me look at it good. After about ten minutes of this we decided that we HAD to get a bandaide on and some neosporin before it could get infected and poor Caitie freaked out. We had quite the time trying to get the bandaide on her and for another five minutes after she just held me and cried while telling me it hurt. What could I do? I practically felt like crying myself because there wasn't anything I could do to take the pain away. After that she just whimpered and we gave her a popsicle to try and help comfort her and I read her a bunch more books than usual. A little motrin to help curb the pain and lots of snuggles for the next half an hour until it was twenty minutes past bed time. I feel so bad. She was so happy and then suddenly this happened. My poor baby. I finally had to just leave her alone to go to sleep while she was still whimpering a little because Audrey was getting mad about feeling left out. I know Caitie's had worse, far worse than this little scrape but she was so fixated on it, staring at the bandaide the entire time I was holding her and while I was reading to her. She's actually never taken an 'owie' this badly and I feel so helpless in that I can't make it better for her. Right now though, she's sleeping soundly and I can only hope that tomorrow it will feel much better.

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