My favorite candle is dying. I've had it forever, or at least it seems. Usually I light it in the winter because it gives our home such a yummy smell, like I've been baking all day and I love that smell when it's chill outside like it has been lately. It makes me think of cozying up on the couch with a good book and a steamy mug of hot chocolate or orange spice. The flavor is German Struesal Cake and it smells absolutely divine. Last evening I lit it up for that comforting feeling it brings and noticed it's more than half way down the jar. I nearly burned my hand with the match trying to get it to reach down to the wick (I need one of those long stem lighters), and after having lit it Caitie started singing happy birthday and Audrey joined in. They do that anyway, but I think it was even more so this time because we just celebrated Audrey's birthday on Sunday.

Speaking of which, Audrey didn't even care about her birthday. She was more enticed by the idea of playing with her cousins toys than trying to open presents or blow out candles. So like any good big sister, lol, Caitie did all that for her. I helped Audrey open two presents and Caitlyn did the rest. She also took the liberty of blowing out the candles after we sang happy birthday. After we got home though, Audrey was ecstatic with her new pots and pan set, complete with utensils. Clothes are always needed so I was very happy with all the new outfits she got and both the girls liked the mini books. It was a good birthday and yesterday the girls had lots of fun playing with the new toys.

Today the livingroom still smells faintly of the candle's delicious scent. I want to light it again, but at the same time I want it to last as long as possible until I can find another one!! Hopefully, Salt City Candles still make that particular scent. If all else fails, I still have my homemade cookie candle :D

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