Halloween almost here?

I know that technically Halloween is more than three weeks away but I can't help but feel it's going to be like, next weekend. Caitlyn already has a costume, Princess Aurora, that is absolutely gorgeous. Of course she has to wear it all the time ^_~ even though it's not Halloween yet which is fine by me. A twenty dollar costume should get more use than just one or two days, so wear away!! Audrey's was a bit tougher. Everywhere I looked they had scampy toddler costumes until finally I fell across one online while looking on oriental trading company for envelopes. I usually hate paying shipping for clothes but the costume is so adorable, a little patty cake chef, so I did it anyway. It comes with a chef hat, dress and apron that is so Audrey since she is my little cooking helper. The only thing is it won't get here for two weeks. I know her costume will be here before the week of Halloween but I can't help but feel this urgency to want it to get here faster just to be certain. Aside from that we finally got out our few Halloween decorations that are now dotted around the living room. A soft plushy spider (he's pretty big) that Audrey loves and Caitlyn is scared of. He has a cute little pumpkin on his head and Audrey will chase Caitlyn with him which sounds funny, and I have to admit even I laugh when she does this, but it really is frightening to Caitie. We also have a plushy bat that both the girls love so they get to play with him and the spider usually has to stay up on the piano so that Caitie doesn't freak out. Every day since I've gotten the decor and plushys out, both girls want me to play with the bat whose name has become Skeek, because he squeaks (not really, I have to make his voice for him). And with Halloween candy, costumes, and other paraphernalia out there, it's hard to not feel that Halloween is almost here.

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