Organizing.... Again!

My hubby actually jokes that organizing is an obsession I have. If I can't scrap, I organize my scrapbook stuff. If the house is clean, I organize the girls' bedroom or our bedroom or redo the livingroom.... but, the funny thing is I don't think my house is very organized, I still think my scrap stuff is somewhat a mess and I just looked at my labels and went Gadzooks! there are a ton of labels there how is anyone including me supposed to find stuff!! So, what I'm doing now is fixing them. I will be splitting the stamps up into the catalog's genres. Which will be along the lines of Alphas, Sentiments, Spring, Winter, etc. This way I only have so many tags for stamps and as new stamps come out I don't have this huge list that spans longer than my blog :S. Paper packs are going to reduced to Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter from when they first came out in the catty. Layouts are going to stay where they are at for the moment. Hopefully that trims down the labels a little :D.

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