Colors : White Daisy, Black, Watermelon, Orchard Bouquet
Stamps : Totally Chic, Girly Girl, Curly Q Caps, Wedding, Whimsy Caps and Lowercase
Inks : Black, Watermelon, Orchard Bouquet, Bubblegum
Accents : Silver brads, rhinestones, liquid glass, black organdy

My swap page for the round 2 of our Girly Girl swap. I think it turned out really cute. I really wanted to do something with circles since I've been loving them lately and something bright and fun since all my pages lately have been distressed or muted. I almost never use the bright summer colors so this was my challenge especially since I really really have a hard time using orchard bouquet, watermelon, and bubblegum. I'm more of a blush/chocolate/hollyhock kind of gal. Now that I've done circles I'll have to move onto my next new obsession of scallops on my round 1 swap pages! I might glitter the title a little later but we'll see how I feel about it. On another note, I'm getting a Cuttlebug!! ^_^

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