Color Challenge Listing

The Color Challenge Listing - To make it easier to find the past color challenges on my blog here is a post that I will update to contain all the color challenges. Clicking on the challenge takes you to the original post for that particular color combo so you can see my example and others from ladies that participated. Guidelines for the color challenges are simple. Create a new project (layout, card, altered item, etc.) that uses at least 3 of the colors listed. If you don't have CTMH shades use whatever you have that is close :D I have a CTMH/SU conversion link at the bottom of this post to help if you have SU colors. Or you can just eyeball it ^_~ I hope this makes it easier for anyone who wants to play in the past challenges. They are all still open so if you create something using one of the old challenges, send me the link! I love to have your samples on the posts ^_~ Have fun creating!

38 - Juniper, Ponderosa Pine, Desert Sand, Bamboo
37 - Tulip, Petal, Pansy Purple, Creme Brulee
36 - Orange, Topiary, Pansy Purple, Sunflower, optional Black
35 - Goldrush, Creme Brulee, Sweet Leaf, Smoky Plum
34 - Creme Brulee, Cranberry, Twilight, Brown Bag
33 - Sorbet, Taffy, Garden Green, Bamboo
32 - Tulip, Honey, New England Ivy, and Vineyard Berry
31 - Juniper, Olive, Honey, and Cocoa
30 - Cranberry, Grey Wool, Black, and Bamboo
29 - Barn Red, Honey, Olive, Chocolate and/or Cocoa
28 - Bamboo, Crystal Blue, Buttercup, Desert Sand, optional Heavenly Blue
27 - Bubblegum, Kiwi, Sunny Yellow, Watermelon --- Halobella
26 - Sweet Leaf, Buttercup, Honey
25 - Lilac Mist, Cranberry, Moonstruck, White Daisy, optional Spring Iris
24 - Ocean, Citrus Leaf, Breeze, Orange, optional Sunny Yellow
23 - Goldrush, Holiday Red, Crystal Blue, Chocolate, optional Sunflower
22 - Outdoor Denim, Cranberry, Twilight, New England Ivy
21 - Star Spangled Blue, Cranberry, Sunflower, Topiary
20 - Moonstruck, Watermelon, Hydrangea, Heavenly Blue
19 - Ocean, Honey, Breeze, Goldrush
18 - Pink Carnation, Baby Pink, Key Lime, Kiwi
17 - Holiday Red, Orange, Sunflower, Bubblegum
16 - Hollyhock, Garden Green, Blush --- Another Sample
15 - Barn Red, Crystal Blue, Bamboo, White Daisy
14 - Vineyard Berry, Ocean, Topiary, Hollyhock
13 - Goldrush, Sunkiss Yellow, Autumn Terracota, Sweet Leaf --- Another Sample
12 - Citrus Leaf, Orchid Bouquet, Crystal Blue, Pink Carnation
11 - Heavenly Blue, Sweet Leaf, Buttercup, Chocolate
10 - Citrus Leaf, Kiwi, Buttercup, Topiary
9 - Hollyhock, Sunkiss Yellow, Sweet Leaf, Cranberry
8 - Clover Meadow, Key Lime, Sunny Yellow, Breeze
7 - Buttercup, Lilac Mist, Garden Green, Bamboo
6 - Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue, Olive, Cranberry
5 - Hollyhock, Vanilla Cream, Blush, Chocolate
4 - Taffy, Sweet Leaf, Orange, Orchid Bouquet
3 - Amethyst, Petal, Sweet Leaf, Spring Iris --- My Card
2 - Key Lime, Baby Pink, Black, Holiday Red
1 - Holiday Red, Taffy, Sunflower, Vanilla Cream

CTMH/SU color comparison

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I just found and printed this list. Thanks for the inspiration, Marjorie!