Color Challenge #19

This color challenge was actually inspired by the Splash layout I did in the previous post. I had to tweak it a little since the colors weren't quite the same and we didn't have a green that really matched, but I like the way it came out. The colors are very summery and are a little more masculine. I know I usually tend to do girly colors ^_~


Sue's Sassy Emerson Quillin Card
Jenn's Relaxing Summer Card
Sparkle's Cute Domestic Hanna Card

My Sample:

These pictures are so funny. Caitlyn just cracks me up. She has always fought naps even as a baby. In fact she wouldn't nap unless you held her when she was an infant. Even though she's very stubborn (she gets it from both Paul and I, lol) the nap will occassionally win out ^_~. Uses the retired CTMH b&ts and a Jan '08 page maps layout. Foam letters for the title and velvet rickrak are various others, the rest is CTMH. To play use at least three of the colors and comment me with a link to your art so I can add it to this post ^_~ Thanks for playing and have fun!

EDIT: I keep forgetting to answer this question, lol. Mel asked what camera I use now for my pictures. I have a Fugi Finepix S700. It's a 7.1 mp with 10X opt zoom. I LOVE this camera and it came at a great price since I got it during Christmas. I wasn't sure if you meant photos of my kids or my art, Mel so I just answer both ^_~. I almost always use auto for taking pics of the kids. So far it's worked wonderfully! If I get in situations like when it's slightly overcast outside I set the flash to go off every time, the colors stay truer that way. For cards I make a backdrop with 2 sheets of white CS in my kitchen which has pretty good lighting. I use the super macro setting for those photos. For layouts I still use auto with the flash. I've been trying to experiment but so far that's worked the best. HTH!


catt871 said...

cute layout!! Your daughter is adorable.....I think I need a nap now!!!

Littlekel90 said...

Wow, Marjorie, what an inspirational story. I had to read through to see how things worked out for you all, and I TOTALLY know what you mean about feeling like your stomach is all in knots when you are not doing what God wants you to do. I have had that feeling before in different aspects when I was trying to make a decision, but the #1 time I remember it happening was also at a used car lot/business. I got so sick my face was beat red, and I thought I was going to pass out. The manager was working up a deal for us, and when the sales rep came back out my hubby and I told him I was sick and we would have to think about it. We never did go back there either. Found out later from a mechanic and relative that all of their cars were from an auction, and the one we were looking at had been in the recent flood and had major rust damage to the frame. (Wow, we were glad we didn't buy that one).

Marcia said...

Your daughter and my daughter must have talked when we were pregnant! I have a fairy napper too - even now at six she will still fight going to sleep!

She is too adorable and your work is great as always. If I get the chance to later, I will tackle your colour challenge!

Kim said...

Your layout is great and your kids are adorable. I love those colors. I have been doing a lot of challenges lately so I will hope to tackle this one too!

Diana said...

I love this color combo is sooooo tropical!!

God bless your family!


Jenn said...

Super cute LO!!! I love the pics and the journaling is too cute!!! :D

Hope your doing ok! Here is the link to my card for CC#19.


Jane said...

I WISH my kids would fall asleep like that. My youngest (who is now seven) has always been the one who won't sleep. He's up at the crack of dawn and stays up half the night. Forget naps.

I love your layout. Those will be pictures HER kids will laugh at.


Mommy Poulsen said...

Oh I just love those colors! The pictures of your daughter sleeping are great and the layout is beautiful!

leanne said...

Your work is great...as always! I just wanted to thank you for the fun package I received in the mail today! I just love the card you sent and the blog candy rocks! I can't wait to use it. Thanks so much.