Oh where oh where has my mind gone?

My theory is that my kids stole it and are holding it ransom for cookies. So I totally spaced the color challenge this week and I would have not even thought to do it except that Sparkle had emailed me about it, lol. I'm going to be a little cheater this week and make the color challenge inspired by the card I made last night. I'll be making another sample as well since I can't post this one on the CTMH boards. Only three colors this week and they are :

Garden Green
My sample:

There is a story to this card that has to do with yesterday morning. It's starts out as a usual enough day: I get Caitie ready for school, I get dressed, we all eat breakfast, and then we're off. Well the first mistake of the day was this - I let Caitie wear flip flops to school. She's worn them before and yesterday was mid-80s so I was letting her wear them again. We get to school, Caitie practically skips to the class door and starts to open it. Here's Mommy mistake #2 - I try to help her. The result - her toe gets smacked by the door. Smacked so bad that it actually cuts her toe and then there's crying and I'm looking at her foot to make sure she's alright and for a small moment it looks fine.... and then there's blood.

She's bleeding all over her shoe and standing there crying while the teacher comes out to see what happened. I, as calmly as I can be seeing my little girl's toe smashed and bloody, tell the teacher that she's obviously not going to be in class today (while silently narrating in my head 'thanks to me!'). She just smiles and says it's okay, that it happens. And then I'm carrying Caitie back the way we came while thinking the teacher must think I'm some horrid mother.

We're back in the car and I'm trying to tell Caitie it'll be alright. We make a quick stop at home for some motrin and to see if she'll let me put some guaze on it - motrin yes, guaze no. And then I'm driving her to the hospital telling myself it's alright, to just breath. I'm taking deep breaths in an effort to calm myself down because despite Caitlyn having much worse injuries before and that voice in my head telling me she's actually all right, my pulse is going 250 mph and I feel like I'm panicking. Me telling Caitie it'll be alright felt more like it was for my benefit than hers.

Deep breaths, "It's alright Caits. We're almost to the doctor," deep breaths. "I want a bandaid!" Deep breath, "We need a special bandaid from the doctor sweetie, we're almost there," deep breath. "I need a bandaid!" "I know sweetie, I know." The same conversation continued on the entire 20 minutes to the hospital because Caitlyn is extremely obsessive about things which is nice in situations like this since I don't have to think up any new answers. Not that I could even if I wanted to at that point.

We go to the emergency room because I'm not waiting 4 hours as a walk in patient at the clinic before anyone even looks at her foot. I think if there's anything you never get used to, it's rushing your kids to the emergency room. Even when you know things are alright, just the fact that it's serious enough to go there sends my blood racing. I carry Caitie in, and upon seeing her foot has stopped bleeding I actually calm down quite a bit. Her toe looks ghastly, but at least the bleeding has stopped. The nurse takes a peek and starts the paper work. She thinks it needs stitches.

Skip to about 30 minutes later after another nurse and the doctor say it's going to need stitches. They give her the numbing shot (the worst part), then clean off her toe and get ready to stitch. Well guess what.... no stitches needed. She did tear off a good bit of skin and break half her toenail off... or I did that I suppose you could say :( . But she's fine, even more so now since her toe was numb. Another deep breath. We got through the morning, which needless to say lasted almost her entire school day by the time we got home and that was topped off with ice cream to soothe Caitie's trauma as well as my guilt. No hard feelings from my little girl, now was my chance for the big deep sigh of relief.

I guess you could say I had reason to forget the color challenge after that, lol. Caitlyn played outside the better part of the day acting like she had never been hurt at all. I still made her wear socks and tennis shoes despite her argument of 'I'm fine!' every two seconds because I'm paranoid of her hurting her toe even more. And probably the worst part now (in her mind) is that I won't take her to the waterpark until she's healed up (she lives for the waterpark, lol). And it's supposed to get up to 90 today. Live and learn, right? I recommend deep breathing through the learning part ^_~.
Anyway, later that night to help soothe my nerves I made the card. I just got the couple of MFT stamps that I ordered in the mail and this one went perfectly for the mood of the day. Not that I was serene in any way, but the thought was there. Outer calm, inner turmoil; that was me yesterday.


Stacy said...

OMG! I am glad things are better. It stinks when little ones are hurt!

Sue said...

Awww...poor Caitie. Poor Mommy! I'm so glad she's OK, and no stitches were needed and nothing was broken.

I was wondering what happened with this week's challenge! I'll be working on that in the morning.

Mommy Poulsen said...

Glad to hear everyone is okay! When you were at home you should have taken a picture of her toe! Love the card. I love the flower on her shirt!

Seleise said...

bless your heart! You earned your mommy badge again today. Accidents happen and glad she didn't have to have stitches. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Laurel said...

Wow, what a day! You have to check out my blog for my card - can't go on the CTMH BB. (You Rock Ipodabella)

jami said...

You poor thing! I'm happy to hear all is well with your little one.
Your not an awful mother. Things happen.
Something you can laugh about later:)

Jenn said...

Poor Caitie...but glad to hear she is doing better. Kids are so resilient...it's crazy!!! If that happened to me I would have to be out of work for a week! (LOL)!!! Love the card...super cute!!! :D

Littlekel90 said...

Poor Caitie, poor Mommy. It was a busy, stressful day. You deserved to make a card or two or three. Glad she didn't need the stitches and she is doing better. {{hugs}} from Auntie Kelly!!!

I can definitely see why you forgot the challenge. It was the farthest thing from your mind. Very understandable in our mommy worlds. :) Kel

~KRISTY~ said...


De said...

Awww. Poor thing. Hope she is better! Love the card tho! Is the stamp CTMH?