Color Challenge #33

I had to fight using an 'Ice Creamy' palette for Sorbet, lol. This week wasn't really inspired by anything except that I liked these colors together. I'm still a little on the fall theme but Sorbet is nice and soft so I wanted a nice, soft combo to go with it's debut color challenge. To play use 3 of the colors and send me a link so I can add it here. Have fun!

Garden Green

Alanna's Sweet Hello Girl Card
Ashley's Pretty Treasure Love Card
Sparkle's Gorgeous Butterfly Card
Jena's Darling 1st Birthday Cards

My Sample :

Supplies: Cardstock, Parchment Brads, Col White Ribbon Collection, and Treasure Life Stamp set all CTMH

I have been trying to think of a card to make for my Aunt for the past few days now and decided to go ahead and use this color challenge for her card. I just found out she has cancer and I haven't seen her in like 9 years. And it's only been the past few months that I've developed the actual beginning to relationship with my own mom (this aunt is on my mom's side), so I kind of feel the need to try and build a connection with my aunt with what is happening but at the same time I feel awkward about it because we have never been close or even in contact. Paul urged me to go ahead and send her a card to let her know we are thinking of her and praying for her so this is what I came up with. I wanted something pretty but simple. I hope she likes it and that it helps her feel at least a little better.


We are the Moses tribe. said...

Marjorie, your card is wonderful. I'm sorry about your aunt and I think this card is just perfect for the occasion. My aunt has also been battling cancer. I am very close to her, though. I was making a card last night for her and still wasn't sure what kind of sentiment to use. Anyway, I'm sure your aunt will be most appreciative of this card and your gesture.

Danni said...

So sorry to hear about your aunt. This card is lovely. It is just so soft and pretty.

Stacy said...

I think the card if perfect, and I love the color combo!

Jena said...

So glad to see you back to posting and more color challenges!!! Yay! Now I just need to get back into them. Hope all is well - take care!

We are the Moses tribe. said...


Marjorie, there is the link for my card.

Ashley said...

I did the color challenge. Check it out on my blog. At first I wasn't sure of the colors, until I got them out. I really liked them.

Jena said...

I did this one a while ago but finally remembered to post it ;-)