My Best Friend's Kitchen

When I first started this challenge I didn't have any method set up yet. In fact I didn't even think I'd be doing more than just a couple of these color challenges! lol There was no real rhyme or reason in the beginning but isn't that how it always is ^_~ However, even 6 months later I do remember the inspiration for these colors and that was food. Dough actually. Red just seems like a 'food' type colors to me so it went in with my doughy colors :D To play use at least 3 of the colors and send me a link so I can add it here to this post. Have fun! Editted : 07/17

Vanilla Cream
Holiday Red

Mary's Chilly Layout

My Sample:

Colors : Holiday Red, Taffy, Vanilla Cream
Stamps : Playful Flourishes, Fairy Dust, Amour Caps and Lowercase
Accents : Rhinestones, Ice Stickles crystal

So I pulled out the recipe to make these Fairy Rolls. A wonderful recipe given to me over a year ago by one of my best friends. And what do you know, this recipe is still on the same piece of scrap white cardstock that I had written it on at her house while we were scrappin' together. The back of this scrap piece has some stamped images that I ended up not using and I even remember which layout page they were going to be for lol. Anyway, I start making the rolls and some water gets on the little scrap. The ink from the images on the back start to bleed onto the front and I'm thinking, why in the world have I not made a cute recipe card for this yet?! So here it is, finally :D

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Donelda said...

What a great idea!! And I love the colors...yummy warm colors for your yummy warm receipe.