A Week of LOVE - Challenge Day 6 and 7

Wednesday's challenge was to use these slippers as inspiration.

I have been really sick all week and yesterday it was so bad that I literally couldn't do anything. I got on to post a couple things that morning and got the crockpot going but after that I was just zombie mom so I didn't get to play or even post what was yesterday's challenge. Luckily the girls behaved really well which is saying a lot since Caitlyn has signs of mild/moderate Autism (OT - we finally got our medical aid stuff worked out so hopefully we can schedule an appointment soon to get a referral to a neurologist and make sure that's what she has. She's already getting speech therapy and one on one lesson's as well as class time through the preschool program for children with learning disabilities so a diagnosis isn't something that's urgent at the moment, just something to have if people ask like in Sunday school and other activities where she's seems 'different' from the other kids). Anyway, Caitie's valentines from school kept both Audrey and her entertained for quite a while and then they decided to play with my hair and pretend I was a boat, lol. I basically just laid on the floor most of the day while they played. Caitie pretended to give me 'yummies' and I kept asking her if was soup since I am sick but she insisted and said "No... it's yummies." I guess she thought I needed yummies more than soup to get better because she usually always makes me pretend soup, lol. My hubby got home, we had dinner, and then he sent me straight to bed. Paul probably would have 'tried' to cook if it came down to it, but I really like what I make and he's somewhat domestically challenged in that area, lol. Thank heaven for crockpots! He's great with other things though. He took care the girls and did all the bedtime routine stuff with them. Picked up, put away dinner, and then made sure I was okay. I'm feeling loads better today, probably thanks to the 14 hours of sleep I got and then all the healthy goodies I ate yesterday (anyone else try those Naked fruit smoothies? They are delicious!!) So hopefully I'll be able to create a little bit today and finish up these Week of LOVE Challenges :D

The Challenge for Day 7 is totally simple : Treat yourself to something you LOVE!! It's Valentine's day so let's celebrate what we LOVE!! My hubby and I are going to watch some movies after the girls go to bed tonight. I'm probably going to get some scrappin' in today since it's a short day for my hubby at school (so I might even have some posts for tonight :D). It's been a heck of a week and we already went out to a movie and dinner last weekend for our Valentines. Since we've had kids our schedule for that kind of thing is basically whenever we can get a babysitter, lol. So I'm glad to say that my Valentines wasn't ruined by being sick. We technically already celebrated and tonight is just some downtime with my hubby. The girls are getting valentine my little ponies (they both love these), chocolate (what girl doesn't love chocolate), and little valentines from Mom and Dad (made by Mom of course, but Daddy pays for all Mommy's stuff ^_^). Nana is also coming later to spoil them some more, lol. We are going to have lots of fun today. I'm just so thankful that I'm feeling better now so that I can enjoy it!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!


Jenn said...

Happy Valentines Day Marjorie!!! :D
I am glad to hear you are feeling better! That bug is going around and I am just thankful that I haven't caught it yet!!!! Hope you have a relaxin' evening with your hubby!!! :D


Deb said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell, it is so difficult being sick when you have little ones to look after! Glad you are feeling better today, Happy Valentines Day!

Kariberry said...

Gosh M, I just checked in here today. Didn't know you were sick. So glad your feeling better. Your girls played mommy and took care of you. =}
Missed ya on the boards.

~KRISTY~ said...


Marcia said...

Keep well Marjorie - I have too have been sick over this last few months and with little ones around it can get hard. Sounds like you handled it real well... and yes, I love crock pots too!