My Scrappy Supply Table

Alright, I'm stuck in this chair with a sleeping tot on my shoulder. Audrey is at that point where she's trying to outgrow her last nap so if we put her down she just plays or cries all through nap time but she isn't quite ready to let them go completely so she'll fall asleep wherever some days. Well she was fussing and fussing so I was rocking her and now she's out, lol. I'm a sucker so I don't put my kids down when they fall asleep on me. Besides they have been growing so fast that I need to enjoy this while I can!! I was actually a bit sad about that a couple days ago. I went to go bring a girl, who just had her first baby boy, some dinner for her and her hubby. Well that baby was SOOOO TINY!! I forget they come that small! I still call Audrey my baby all the time but she's almost 2 1/2 and she's talking so much and growing up so fast. I can't even remember Caitlyn as a baby or small toddler. Alright, bittersweet moments!! My babies are growing up!! So as I snuggle my sleeping tot I decided to post a little since it's a lot harder to craft with her in my arms than to type, lol.

In our SBS4 group we have an album to post our scrap space pictures. I've been able to put pics in the other albums but not that one for some reason. I've tried like a dozen times, lol! It just doesn't like me so I'm going to post it here for my SBS4 sistahs and anyone who's curious. This is where I keep my scrap stuff. I actually scrap on my dining table, but this table is right near it so I have everything in reach ^_~ And yes this is everything, lol. Well except my cuttlebug. That is up high on my computer armoire because my girls think it's a toy for rolling/squishing their poor stuffed animals through (like those old clothes ringers for laundry), LOL!

My supply table :

The Crop In Style houses all my CS and paper. I can also fit all my ink pads in there since the paper only takes up 2/3 of the big inside space. I got it because last year the only time I really scrapped was with one of my close friends and her family at either her house or her moms, so I wanted everything I had on the go :D I kept the inks in the holders still because Caitie will steal them and line them all up on the floor or stack them all like blocks, lol. If they are in the cases she leaves them alone ^_~

And here's the top of my computer armoire. Both of these pictures were taken last week when I was trying to upload them onto the yahoo album, so the cards up there are different now. This is where I toss all my mail/bills/recents cards/purse/etc. And yes, there is my cuttlebug trying to stay away from my girlies :D. When Caitie is really adamant about having it she'll pull a chair up to the armoire to get it down, lol.

So that's my scrap space stuff. Not much but I like what I got ^_~.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow you are so organized! I have soooo much...am trying to down size and hope that soon I will have my space looking as lovely as yours! What do you have your stamp pads in? I want something that can sit on my counter yet keep them nicely held together.
Thanks so much-gay masterson
ps I love your stuff!

Tickle Me Pink said...

Thanks Gay!! I have my stamp pads in the CTMH accessories organizer. It's a little more work pulling the colors out than just having a spot for them out in the open, but it keeps my inks safe from my kiddos. For some reason they just leave them alone when they are all zipped up ^_~ HTH My table does get messed up a bit when I'm working on stuff. I guess the good thing about not having a desk of my own is that it forces me to keep my space pretty clean, lol!

Kathi Carlson said...

For all of the awesome stuff you create, I would have guessed you "had it all." What a great example you set for some of us who have amassed so much that we don't have a clue what we have and don't know what to do with it! That brings me to the heart of this message. Take a look my post, "A Different Kind of Tag," on my blog. You've been "Bloggin' Blessed." While you can play along if you want to, what I really want you to know is that you and all you do is a "bloggin' blessing"/inspiration to me. One more thing, hold tight to those little girls while you can. My "baby" will be 28 in a couple of months. As for the Cuttlebug, I'm glad I didn't have one when he was little. He would have been intrigued and heaven only knows what he might have tried to do with it!! LOL.

Tracey said...

Love your space! you are so neat and tidy.

scrapnstamphappy said...

I wish I had as much as you (I have way too much!). I'm working on getting through what I do have, slowly but surely. Kathi's right, it is a fine example that you can still create fabulous layouts and cards without too much. I'm making a mental note and hopefully next time I'm in a scrappin' store, I'll remember! :-)