Blog Candy Winner!!

Sorry this has taken so long! My hubby's laptop is on the fritz and he's been trying to fill out a scholarship for next semester that one of the financial ladies informed him about this last Monday. It's for students like him who are kind of the underdog, people facing a lot of adversity in their lives but are still trying to get their degree. Anyway, the computer is finally free... for a few minutes anyway so here is the winner that Audrey drew :D

You can tell how interested she is in drawing a name, lol. Charlie and Lola are WAY more captivating ^_~.

Congratulations Emilee!!!! E-mail me your snail addy so I can get this in the mail for you :D

And here is the updated blog candy pack! How neat is that, to see how it grew from each card! Here's what got added - Christmas colored safety pins, spirals, nail heads, and conchos, little pastel primas, big summer primas, flower sparkles, acrylic flowers and flower chipboard, and some pretty green satin ribbon! Thanks everyone for playing! The girls and I had so much fun viewing your cards (Caitie LOVED all the snowmen ^_~) and it was a blast finding fun little bits to add to the blog candy!

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Jenn said...

Congrats Emilee! That's alot of great things in one Blog candy! :D Have fun!!!