Answers to a couple questions

Laurel asked me on a comment how I get 3 columns on my blog :D I don't quite remember exactly how I had to do it, but I DO remember that it's a template that I found HERE at Blogcrowds. It has a lot of fun blogger templates that are really easy to use with blogspot. I also have a link to them on the bottom of my left column. I think the link was automatically put there with the template.

Jenn also asked me how I do the swirls on some of my cards. I use the Cuttlebug and its embossing folders ;D Some of the other embossing I've used aside from the swirls is the snowflakes, birthday text, bubbles, and flower circles. The Cuttlebug also diecuts but I've only used mine for the embossing since I'm not much of a die cut girl.

And I've had a couple ladies ask how I find the time to create :D Here on my blog as well on another forum. Most are probably asking jokingly, but just for fun I thought I'd put an answer. I don't have any big secret. My hubby helps out around the house and with the girls when he gets home so that I can get more done (more of everything all around) so I do get a little time during the day but most of my crafting is done after my girls go to bed at the wonderfully early hour of 7:30 ^_~ When I find a few spare minutes throughout the day I try to set aside my supplies for what I want to make later; pick out my paper, stamps, and maybe my embellies though usually I don't know what embellies I want to use until after near the end of making something. I also don't have a whole lot of scrap stuff so it's easy for me to pick out stuff since I pretty much know in my head everything I have. Easy as pie, right?

So that's that :D A couple questions answered. Some other questions ladies have asked they've discovered the answers on their own before I was able to reply. Just a tip for finding the stamps I use (another FAQ) : I put the name of the company next to the stamp set I've used unless it's CTMH. I have all the places I shop online at on my Links and Shopping widget at the top of my lefthand column. You can find the places that I got my stamps at there ^_~. So I hope that helped and that everyone had a great weekend!

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Tammy said...

Oh you are soooo lucky your husband helps around the house! I'm lucky if my hubby puts his socks in his dirty clothes hamper!!!