Tag! So my fellow CTMH and SBS4 sister Nicole tagged me with this :D The game includes nine questions for me to answer and a tenth question, which I think I'm supposed to make up using 2 of something then tag two more bloggers. Hopefully I'm playing right lol.

1) Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics: My girls and spring! I love scrappin' my kids (really who doesn't? lol) and my favorite and best pictures seem to be taken during spring. I love the colors and fresh feeling of spring and my tartlet's baby and toddler pics.

2) Where are the two best places you've been to? This one is a little lengthy :D Home and our friends Kay and Julie's. Growing up in an abusive home was really difficult to say the least. To some people I guess it's easy to take your home for granted but all growing up I was so afraid to be home. Now that I have my own family with such a wonderful husband, home is the best place in the world. It's a comfort and haven. I can't think of a single better place I've been than home with him and my girls. The other best place is our friend's home. They are the nicest people and we can spend all day with their family just hanging out. I can be my nutty self, my kids can be crazy wild, and my hubby a silly nerd and they still love us. It doesn't get much better than to be with people that get along with you like that and in a place that's so warm and inviting.

3) Name two things you do every day: Kiss my girls and hubby and tell them I love them (and usually all throughout the day too) and make a list. Whether it's a to do list, grocery, catty wish list, I am always making lists and usually I'm doing a few throughout the day, lol.

4) Tell us two things that pretty much everyone knows about you: I love scrapbooking, pastries, and tea!! Okay, well that's three :P

5) Tell us two things that everyone DOESN'T know about you: I like playing video games and I have a foot obsession. Okay, well maybe it's not a foot obsession so much as I'm just obsessed with both of my daughter's feet. They are too cute!! I told myself that I was going to stop kissing their feet once they started walking but Caitlyn is 4 now and I am still kissing those adorable piggies (she walked at 10 months) and I love gobbling Audrey's fat little tootsies!!

6) Tell us two things that got you into the hobby of scrapping: The first was my best friend's mom in highschool (eleven years ago, scary!!). One day she just brought home stationary cardstock, stickers, and some deco scissors and told us about it. It wasn't long before we were pulling out pictures and creating. And when she took us to a scrap store (so very small and lacking back then) I fell in love. Then when we had Caitie I think I became obsessed. All those adorable baby pictures were just too cute to not scrap!!

7) Tell us two things that you want to accomplish in the next six months: Help Cait be able to speak more clearly and hold a decent conversation (she's in a program right now to help her with her developmental delays). And finish scrapping my 2006 pictures.

8) Name your two favorite scrapping tools: My paper cutter and my stamps. I can't live without either, or at least can't scrap at all without them!

9) Name your two favorite sources of scrapping inspiration: Online blogs/forums/galleries and my girls' clothes. I love online because it's free ideas and designs, and there's literally every type of style out there to peruse! My girls' clothes are great color and even artistic design inspiration.

Nicole's addition: What are your favorite brands of scrapbooking paper (notice, rebel that I am, I didn't limit it to two --LOL)? Mind's Eye, CTMH, and SU. I haven't even used any of my Mind's Eye paper because I just like LOOKING at them so much!! lol. I love most of the papers CTMH comes out with and have most all their paper packs and I've realized I really like a lot of the SU paper though I don't have any.

And my added question : 10) What are your 2 favorite embellishments to use? Flowers and anything shiny/glittery (glitter, stickles, rhinestones) :D In fact I think I have to use at least one of the other on every card or page I make and many time both! lol

So now I'm going to tag Kathi and Kari. Post your own answers on your blog and add one more question using two items. Hope you ladies have fun with this! If anyone else wants to play consider yourself tagged!!


sparkplug17 said...

ha, ha. Nicole tagged us and we both picked the same question for our addition! Great minds think alike! Hope you're having a great weekend my dear.

Deb said...

I so love coming to visit your blog, it is so interesting!
Is it easy to get 3 columns? My narrow column is getting very long!

sparkplug17 said...

hey chica...I wanna send ya something...email me your addy. :) I promise its something fun. sparklingapple17@hotmail.com

Love, Sparks

Kelly S said...

What an adorable pic of you and your girls. I have been MIA for a while, so please excuse me if it has been up for a long time, and I am just now noticing it. ;)