Grumpy Slumber Party

Colors : Sweet Leaf, Amethyst, Petal, Spring Iris (Color Challenge #3)

Stamps : Grumpabella (stamping bella), Slumber Party, It's a Party

I don't have any cute pajama bellas yet. But I do have grumpabella and she's sort of in her jammies!! I wanted to put BYOB someplace for 'Bring Your Own Bed' but decided if I was going to do that then I would use the bed stamp in Slumber Party. I had already colored the pillow so I went with this one :D Made this for the Bella sketch challenge #13. Bella is colored with pencils (skin and hair) and with my blending pen with ink pads (robe, slippers, and cup). The pillow was colored with my blending pen and inks on amethyst CS and accented with a white get pen.


~KRISTY~ said...


Tracey said...

Great card! love all your creations in below posts aswell:)

Jenn said...

Great card Marjorie!!!
I am going to have to try your color challenges now. But one thing that I shy away from is that I don't have all of CTMH's colors. But I am working on that!!!! TFS!!! :)

Jenn said...

Hey Marjorie-
here is the link to my card for CC#3. It was a great challenge and I can't wait for the next one!!!


Kariberry said...

Awesome Bella!! I should be getting my 2 anyday now.

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Clearly Inspired said...

I love your artwork. Is there anyway to subscribe, so I can get updates when you make changes to your blog?