Happy New Year!

2007 in review. I actually had to look at the pictures I took to remember some of what happened earilier in the year, lol.

January Paul started his second year of college for the spring semester. I went through a huge purging bug where I got rid of so much stuff!! Mostly old baby stuff since Audrey was now 15 months old. I sent a lot of hand me downs to my sister in law who was due with a baby girl the beginning of Jan.

In March, Paul's grandfather had a stroke and passed away. We traveled up to SLC for his funeral. His grandpa had alzhiemer's pretty badly. When Paul last visited which was just six months before, grandpa didn't even know who he was. It was both sad and a good thing when he passed. While there we got to see our niece Laurielee for the first time, she was so tiny! And grandma got to see Audrey for the first time. She was amazed at how big Caitlyn had gotten. Paul ended up having a small relapse (I don't remember if I ever posted this but my hubby has Multiple Sclerosis.) near the end of the semester but made it through with a really good GPA, over a 3.5 if I remember correctly.

We only went swimming a few times this summer since Caitie was afraid of 'sharks in the water' this year. She wouldn't get in the pool at all every time we went. Paul had classes just part time during the summer but it seemed just like when he went full time since the classes were only 10 weeks long. We ended up having to fix a lot on the car during the summer but thankfully had the money in savings so we didn't have to go into debt. I also started having terrible migraines in May. My sister who I hadn't seen in years visited as well. It was nice to see her though I felt we had a hard time connecting. It didn't help that I wasn't feeling well at all during the summer because of all those headaches.

August rolled around and I scrapped with some friends which I hadn't done in months. After not creating since March I finally made a layout in mid August and that started my scrapping bug again :D. I peeked into the CTMH forum and was hooked to the artwork posts, then started this blog. Paul hit the big 3-0 this year ;D and started the fall semester.

In September, Paul and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. I went to the doctor and they said they could put me on meds for the migraines. I opted for no medication and just watching for triggers and avoiding them since I seemed to be having them less and less as fall came around. I also found out about SCS and many other fun scrapbooking sites.

October Audrey turned 2, and boy is she a cute little 2 year old! I signed up for my first swaps. We found out Caitlyn is extremely afraid of people in black and any masks. Ninjas, pirates, skeletons, Star Wars, spiderman, etc. She was so terrified that she was even shaking uncontrollably and we had to leave the church Halloween party early and didn't go trick or treating.

November we started having Caitlyn tested for development issues and discovered she's far behind in her speech and cognitive development. She also has many mild autism symptoms, one of those symptoms being her intense fear of certain things. Caitie also started successfully potty training this month, at last!! For the last year and a half we'd been trying to get her to just even try to no avail. Thanksgiving was quieter this year since less family visited and one of Paul's sisters moved to Texas where her hubby was being stationed.

December Caitie started preschool. She turned four though she looks a bit older (she's a tall little girl!). We were introduced to Heroes by a friend and got hooked! Paul's sister also got us started on that 70s show. Paul and I haven't watched cable in years but it looks like that might change if they kept enticing us with these neat shows! Paul finished another semester and bumped his GPA up some more, I think he's at a 3.7 now. My birthday was really nice. I turned 26 this year. Paul took me out to dinner and I got a digital camera :D. We found out Caitie has an allergy to something (still trying to figure out what). She got hives the week before Christmas. By Christmas eve the antihistamine she was prescribed had gotten rid of the hives which were all over her face, neck, and arms. She was breathing and acting like nothing was wrong and the doc said it was just a mild reaction, but it certainly looked bad! Christmas was a blast this year. Audrey was funny and just let Caitie open both their presents because she just wanted what was inside. Both girls have liked having Daddy around so much since he's off for Christmas break.

Last night we let the girls stay up but they were getting pretty grumpy around 10 so we put them to bed. We had a nice casual New Year's Eve. Just some family and a friend came over to have dinner and watch a movie and some season discs. Our big celebration was watching that 70s show and then when the new year hit we just said 'Happy New Year' all casual like and went back to watching the show lol. None of us are much for big parties :P All in all 2007 was actually one of our smoother years, lol! And despite a few stressful times throughout the year, 2007 ended on a very good note. May next year be even more wonderful than the last! I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

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