Scrappy Mini Gym Bag

All the posts for the past couple weeks and this next week have been future posts except the ones for Sparkle's Stamps challenges since I post those right after I make 'em ;) It's fun to see how productive I was during the summer and makes me feel so accomplished! Today I'll be taking the last of my test out tests, another 2 hours, and then if I passed them all I'll be completely done with that comp lit class for the semester. Yay! Yesterday I took the other 2 one-hour tests so I'm pretty beat but I keep telling myself it will be worth it. Anyway, about the bag - I had some decent sized scraps to work with after making my yoga bag and came up with this little mini bag for my workout clothes and tennies. This was just a couple nights before I started working on Paul's quilt. Since we're a one car family I don't have a vehicle while at the college, and with my fitness class being the last thing on my schedule I really don't want to wear my gym gear all day long so this little bag keeps my tennis shoes from marking up all my books in my backpack. It's also large enough to fit my workout clothes and I sewed a little pocket inside for my ipod and headphones. Handy eh? The best part - it even matches my yoga bag which will be great next semester if I decide to pick up the yoga class ;) Thanks for stopping by and have a terrific Tuesday!


Kim Y. said...

Cool bag!

BananaStamper said...

Another gorgeous project! Gosh girl, you've been busy, you must sew while asleep!!! lol