Scrappy Pillows

The inspiration for Paul's quilt came from me trying fabrics on our bedroom throw pillows. When I put the blue/aqua pattern on them he instantly lit up and told me he really liked that pattern. This coming from the guy that usually doesn't like patterns at all, just solids. But he actually got excited about a fabric and it made everything click. I suddenly had the inspiration I needed for his quilt and there was finally a fabric he actually liked! Note that I did take him to the fabric store once months and months ago and he seriously blanched when he saw all those fabric bolts, lol. And after all of 45 seconds of looking he told me to simply pick whatever, telling me he trusted whatever I picked would look great ;) Anyway, I had all these scraps from the quilt and thought instead of just doing plain single fabric pillow covers, I'd try my hand a piecing some.

This was the first one I made and I actually made it right after I finished piecing the squares for the quilt top using scraps from the quilt top fabrics. I needed a break from The Big Project and it was relaxing to work on something small and quick where I saw immediate results. If you've been reading for a while you know that I'm a single sitting crafter. I like to make things that only take me a few hours at most, something I can finish in one go. I like to think of my projects akin to a mile run or walk ;) I can do it in a little time and have instant results - the feeling good, not the losing flub unfortunately. But quilting... quilting is a whole other beast. Making even just a lap quilt is a marathon. Days and days of cutting, sewing, and pressing and the finish feeling so far away. And it's draining. It's an endurance run and I am not really an endurance seamstress. This was just the mini-project I needed to revive my desire keep going with the quilt though.

The first pillow got me through most of the quilt but close to the end I was struggling again. So after I sandwiched and pin-basted Paul's quilt together I set to work on this pillow from the left over squares and border pieces. This pillow went together so quickly! I heart quick projects. And it was so nice to have pillow covers on our bedroom throw pillows again. They have been sitting naked off to the side for months now because I needed a 'fresh look' of our bedroom and pretty much took down all our decorations and stripped our pillahs.

And for fun here are the pillows with the quilt! The quilt isn't big enough for the bed, but I think it'll look amazing folded up at the bottom. I'm thinking of making either a solid aqua or solid white coverlet for our bed. Right now our comforter is a latte and coffee colored microfiber. Yummy, but I've been wanting a bright and cheerful change ;) I hope you enjoyed the pillows. Thanks for popping by and have a lovely Sunday!


bebang said...

love it! i hope that one day I can make that one too.... someday :)
love ur blog!

Alanna said...

The pillows look great. I liked reading your thoughts about being able to craft something in one sitting and you not being an endurance seamstress. Great job.

Sparkle said...

Such a darling matching set!