Scrap Tote

As I reduced the amount of supplies I took to crops I also started simply using whatever bags I had on hand to carry my scrappy stuff in. And for the past long while I've simply been using my green bags that I use for grocery shopping. They are almost the perfect size and are flexible enough to handle being pretty full, but I've been wanting something specifically for my scrap supplies.

So when I ended up with a bunch of extra fabric after making my yoga bag I put together a scrap tote for myself complete with lots of pockets to store paper, pictures, and other extras like my thickers and tools! The base is more than wide enough to accomodate my Slice as well. Which was perfect since I had finished this just a couple days before that last crop ;) Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Thursday!

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BananaStamper said...

this is gorgeous Marjorie, wow! I've been wanting to make some bags too, but have only tried a prototype so far - this one looks like lots of work....I'll have to keep mine pretty basic I think. They will be more for shopping bags anyhow!