Got Vellum?

This week the challenge on Practical Scrappers is how to use vellum. I have to say that even though this one has been the most challenging for me so far it was also one of the most fun. I stuck with winter pages because I loved these pictures and have been wanting to scrap them with something fun. And vellum just happened to be the fun for them!

Create a scene! I made some snowy vellum hills overlaying my stripe paper and sewed it in place. I used pinking scissors to edge the vellum snow and then to cut a decorate mat for two of the snowflakes. Tear, paper piece, or simply cut curves in your vellum to create a backdrop scene for your layout. Don't stop with snow either; make water, clouds, rain drops, foggy winter windows, etc. Got colored vellum? Make leaves for a tree or just use like you would cardstock for a lighter layered effect. You can also use vellum to soften bright papers. Have a plaid that's too dark? Lay some vellum over it for a lighter page or use vellum over fun bright papers for a baby layout.

Keep it simple! Sometimes I just can't find the right shade of cardstock to match my page. Here I used vellum to mat my pictures to create a very simple rustic snow layout on dark kraft paper. Use vellum to create shades on monochromatic pages or to mat a picture when you can't find cardstock to match. Love clean layouts? Vellum adds interest without adding colors, almost like texture. Vellum looks great plain or if you love the home spun look adding a hint of stitching can really make a statement! Tip : When sewing make sure to put adhesive closer to the center of your vellum piece so that the needle doesn't get stuck and tear your vellum.

Texturize it! Here I crumpled up my vellum snowflakes to give them more presence on the layout. Crumple or emboss vellum to make it stand out more on a page. It's easier if you cut or punch out your vellum before crumpling. Try dry embossing a ghost with a swirl pattern, or add some dots to mini clouds. I hope you're inspired by some of these fun ideas on how to use vellum! Check out the Practical Scrappers Blog for more examples on how to use vellum. Enjoy and have a great Monday!


Paisley Petals said...

These are FABULOUS! Love them all and can't wait to try vellum on Kraft CS - never would have come up with that on my own, but it looks wonderful!!

Sarah said...

These LO's are Fabulous!

Alanna said...

More fantastic layouts. I love how you used the vellum in all of them.

Sparkle said...

How creative and what lovely layouts! I love her bright read sweater.

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Laurel said...

Marjorie, these are all gorgeous!