Christmas Card Challenge #37

Supplies : Paper by Basic Grey; Stamps by Papertrey Ink; White Embossing powder, White Gel Pen; Black ink by CTMH; Rhinestones

I finally got around to making my card for last Sunday's Christmas Card challenge on Sparkle's Blog. The added challenge was to make a hot cocoa or similar themed card. I did a tea theme since I've been wanting to play with my Tea for Two stamp set. I love this paper but I think I'll be happy when it's all used up since I feel like I've been using it for so long and on so many Christmas projects.

Sometimes I wonder where I find the time. Time to craft, time to watch a show with my hubby, time to organize .... with what seems to be a never ending to do list and new responsibilities cropping up like volunteering at the school, PTA, and being called as a Primary President, I really wonder - where do I find the time and do I really have this time I think I've found. I've had more work this past week with Caitlyn between her school homework every weeknight, her therapy homework, and dealing with her re-emerged tantrums than in the past month all together. Somehow even with that I've managed to volunteer at the school, organize getting the primary started for our new ward, along with all the regular hair brained things I feel I have to do at random moments like completely reorganize our room and clean out the storage closet as well as the refrigerator this past week.

I recount the week and have found that despite my busier schedule I actually got 4 nights with my hubby to watch a show after the girls were in bed, a movie with my hubby and a friend (District 9), plus a couple layouts, two more dolls, and this card. Maybe it's all the insomnia from the stress I've been having. Getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night allows me approximately 21 more hours in the week to complete more tasks but it definitely has some mean consequences. Like the coming down with a sinus cold and a horrid stomach ache at the same time though I'm pretty sure the stomach ache is stress combined with hormones.

How do mom's find the time? Do we get some sort of dimensional time lapse to allow us enough moments to get homework and reading time done as well as play chauffer and get dinner on the table every night? Somedays I feel like I've done it all and others I feel like the day just disappeared in a black hole. Are those black hole days payment for the done it all days? And how do the mom's of more kids do all this? I just have 2 and only one of them is in school right now. I feel like I'm ready to come apart yet I see all these other moms with 4 and 5 kids running through activities like a well practiced dance routine. Will I get to that point sometime or do I look like that with my girls too and we're all just going crazy with everything that happens in our lives?

I've run out of future posts after Monday. I am hoping today I can take a day off and create though I'm sure all the other moms reading this are going "A day off? What's that?" Maybe I won't get a complete day off, but I can get as much me time as possible in. We'll see and you'll know for sure if I got that time to play if I get to post a creation for the Christmas challenge for today. Don't forget to visit Sparkle's Blog for the Christmas Card Challenge if you want to play and see the links to the other cards. Thanks for visiting, enjoy the card, and have a lovely Sunday!


Alanna said...

Cute card Marjorie. I love that tea set. As far as everything you have on your plate, it sounds like you are very busy. I can completely understand how you feel. I don't know how mom's do it. There's so much to be done to just "live". Sometimes I let it get the best of me and forget the real purpose of why I'm on this earth.

Good luck getting your new primary organized. Intriguing that you have a brand new ward. I hope it all goes well. Primary can be such a hard calling. I've never been in leadership with it but have been pianist and teacher for many years.

Well, after my novel here, just know that you are not alone and that I think you're amazing! Hugs!

Paisley Petals said...

I have this conversation almost every day with my sister, my best friend or both! I only have 2 but they have 3 or 4 kids. None of us ever feel like we are able to manage everything we need to. Then I have one friend who has 3 kids (within 5 years of each other mind you) and she almost never complains of feeling like this! She has her off days but I NEVER feel like I'm getting it all done. If I manage to do everything I need to for my girls, then either my house or my relationship with my husband is neglected. If I get the house into the condition I want, then I haven't had time for just me and what I WANT to do. And if I spend a day doing what I want, then the house looks horrible and my family gets needy... There has got to be a good balance - I just haven't found it yet!

I worked outside the home with just one daughter - and I no longer know how I did it. I CAN'T IMAGINE how mothers with more than one child work outside of the home.

Sorry for the long comment...but I wanted to let you know that you certainly are not alone!

Sparkle said...

Your card is lovely! I love that teapot.

I've always been amazed by how much you've been able to do for your family and still get to do the things you love. :)