Floral Tapestry Layouts

I made the one layout last night and got to thinking about how I have really been wanting to use up my old CTMH papers. I used papers from the floral tapestry paper pack and stickease and wondered if it might be easier if I tried scrapping by paper pack rather than by pictures at least every once in a while like this.

I did this one last night, starting with a modge podge of pictures. These were just a couple here and there that were taken and sadly they just weren't the best of photos, lol. But they were all in the same month and I thought just to get them scrapped I'll do a simple page with these few crazy moments. Since there were no real stories to the pictures, it was easy to simply document what was happening since it was just that - Crazy Moments in August. I also wanted to start using up the stickease Sparkle had sent me since I had already used some of the papers by themselves in the packet for other projects and there are a lot of fun CS stickers on those 4 stickease sheets.

This picture was already out on my table. I was planning on using it for one of Pam's OOYB challenges with a quote about love being the fruit that's always in season, but doing some sort of play on just Caitie loving fruit. She's eating an apple in the picture. Anyway the layout isn't as stark in real life, I think my camera has a hard time with lights and brights mixing together. That and I was using the flash. You can hardly tell in the pic but the chipboard letters are actually stamped with the spot on backgrounds in crystal blue that show up quite well in RL. I was still trying to get back into my scrapping groove with this one, so it didn't quite turn out the way I had it in my head, but it did come out vibrant and fun like I had wanted.

Nothing like a good sketch to help me along. I have looked and looked at these pictures and kept thinking they would make such a big dent if I could scrap them, lol. I have lots of groups like this where there is just a huge plethora of photos from a single event. I used a sketch from the Page Maps book, stickease, and some CTMH white daisy flowers. I really LOVE how this one came out. It showcases the pics of Caitie so wonderfully and they aren't that great of pics. Some were blurred, others with yucky background noise in the photos, but the cropping eliminated nearly all that and simply highlighted her face.

This was the quickest layout. I used my Image (Jazzy Combination), switching out the cutting to fit the paper scraps I had. Stickease and bigger blooms made filling out this layout a breeze. The only non-CTMH item on this layout is the purple primas. I'm quite happy with the results. I still have a bit of stickease but only 2 full sheets left of the paper pack and a few scraps. I'm thinking of trying this again until I get my paper stash down a little more to my liking. I've been getting some new papers here and there but want to use them with the photos I still haven't printed yet, lol. I also found a new scrapstore yesterday and just got a little bit of ribbon, some flowers, and 3 sheets of paper, and it was awesome! They had an entire corner with toys, books, a mini flat screen TV with disney movies on, and an easel for the kids to play in. My girls didn't want to leave and so I was able to peruse the entire store without hardly any interruption! Anyway, until I get more caught up on my older photos, I'm afraid to print my newer ones because I'm pretty sure I won't have the motivation to scrap the old stuff when I get to play with my new digi pics!

Totally off topic, we did watch Cloverfield. I was so disappointed! It was a good movie but I really really wanted to know where in the world the monster came from! It looked like it could of come out of the ocean, but either way I was way more interested in the mystery that surrounded the monster than seeing how everyone died :P Paul said he wanted to see someone win whether it was the monster or us. I want to know what the dang thing is, where it came from, and why it's there. Oh well, lol. So that's what I've been up too.

And I can't remember who, but someone asked what stamp it was that I used in my 'oh where oh where has my mind gone' post. The stamp is Serenity Now, a mini set by My Favorite Things (MFT). Someone else said I should take a picture of Caitie's toe too. I'm not squimish when looking at wounds but I definitely have no desire to document them, lol. So no pictures. I might take one with the bandaid all wrapped around her toe, but it's bad enough having to remember a boo boo like that let alone immortalizing it. Anyway I still need to catch up on the bella color and sketch challenge for this week and I'm behind on my scrapping (just 4 pages ^_~). Thanksfully, finals are done for Paul so I'll have my hubby to help a lot more around the house again and that means more time for Mommy!


pat said...


WOW...Your pages are great!!
Where do you find the time?


Seleise said...

love the pages! the photos are great! more great moments captured!

Jena said...

Wow, you have been busy, busy - how do you do it? Great job - I love them all!!!

Tickle Me Pink said...

Hehehe, well that day Paul was home and took the girls off my hands for a few hours so I could have some 'mommy time' during the day and I definitely take advantage of my mommy time :D Then I worked on the layouts after the girls were put to bed until they fell asleep so we could watch the movie ^_~.