6 Quirks

Nicole tagged me with this little game a couple days ago. I'm finally getting to a tag before it's over a week old! Here are the rules to play:

Link the person who tagged you
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Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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6 Quirks

1. I love to organize things. If I can't organize a pile of stuff, I make a list of what I need to get so it can be organized.
2. I'm also a list fanatic and keep index cards by my scrap stuff and my computer so I can whip them out whenever the urge to create a list strikes. I make at least one list a day, usually more, lol. Most of these are things I need to do lists.
3. All my can foods and boxes have to be facing the same way in the cupboards. Cans are always facing forward and boxes with the nutritional value on the side. If someone puts them away different (which doesn't happen, I'm always the one to put away groceries), then I have to fix them.
4. If you can't tell from the first three, I'm a control freak (not too bad my hubby says, but then again that might just be because all the things I want control over he doesn't mind, lol).
5. I always sleep on my belly. You can imagine how hard that was when I was pregnant ^_~. I used a pillow to prop me so I was still somewhat on my belly instead of all the way on my side. And I can't sleep at all on my back.
6. I have a bad habit of chewing on my lips.

And now I'm going to tag....Sue, Laurel, Jenn, Kari, Nicole, and Linda.

Later tonight I should have a handful of layouts. I've already done 4 pages and am starting another 2 page layout. If not tonight then tomorrow since we're watching Cloverfield after the girls go to sleep ^_~.

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