Hey There Cupcake

Thanks for all the support and online hugs!! I really needed them. We are doing alright now. Our insurance covers us to have a rental car and it's way nice! We got a little 2008 Kia Spectra. I'm not going to want our car back after they're finished fixing it, lol. So far everything's being covered by insurance, minus the deductable which my SIL is covering since it was her accident. She found out at the doctor yesterday that she slipped a disc a little in her neck, so she's on muscle relaxants and pain killers to see if it'll slip back into place (our insurance is covering that too thank goodness). She also says they gave her the biggest bottle of pain meds she's ever seen and she's feeling great, lol. So far everything is going alright with the repairs and insurance, which is a big relief. Today has been much better so far, now that we've gotten most all the calls made and things worked out. Plus the girls are over the worst of their colds. So on to what I've been making ^_~

I made both this layout and the next one last night. I pulled out my Cherish and wanted to do something a little different with this layout. It's Gallery Collection, a very linear design. I added some layers and tilted two of the photos to break up the boxy look of the layout. I also changed out the cutting diagram, choosing instead to put what papers I felt should go where. I also turned the left page to be like the one in the example in the book. Uses More to Adore papers and stickease, and also a little bit of the hollyhock boomdiada paper. Everything but the cupcake stamp is from CTMH. The cupcakes are from Eclectic Paperie, I forget the name of the set but it's by stampendous.

This one was made using a new May Page Maps layout from the site. Also using More to Adore papers and stickease, these pages flew by since they were so simple. I love how it shows off the pics and how Audrey's adorable cupcake jammies are shown off. These were my favorite jammies when she was one. Whenever they were clean, I had her wearing them. They were also ultra soft too. In fact the reason I bought the cupcake stamp set from Eclectic Paperie was because it reminded me so much of these jammies!

My Secret Sister also sent me the cutest images of a few Tilda and some similar genre images (sorry I don't know the names of all these!), along with a Riley image. I love them! Hopefully I'll get to play with them soon. I've been running errands all morning and still have lots to do. On a very happy note we get to go see Iron Man on Saturday and I'm sure by next week things will be back in perspective and won't feel as daunting anymore.


Tammy said...

ADORABLE layout!!!


scrappin' happy said...

Glad you are having a better day! Love the layouts. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that buys stamps because they remind them of things when the kids were little!
fellow ctmh sister

Sue said...

Love the layouts...as always!

So glad you are feeling better and the car issues are being taken care of in a speedy manner.

Deb said...

Glad things are getting a bit better! Love your layouts, they are so pretty! Your images are fabulous, glad you had so much fun with the image swap!

Kim said...

More to Adore papers are some of my favorite. Great layouts. TFS