Paperscraps House

Remember how I said I wanted to put something on the back of the town I made? Well here it is, a little house for Mao (Audrey's tiger lovie) or their littlest pet shop toys. It was created much the same way, starting with a sketch on the back of the poster board town. I glued down the rooms first and then made the furniture from memory. With a less detailed project like this I didn't need to keep the sketch visible so I simply created each room, measuring and gluing as I went. The big sections were part of my purging pile of papers, but all the rest was from scraps. This was much quicker than the town and just as fun. I had a hard time deciding which angle to approach the furniture from though. In the end I did a simple mix of forward and top facings to make all the home's goodies. The bath mat cracks me up and it's one of my favorite accessories. Audrey wanted it to be Mao's house and since he's a cat I thought a dead fish bath mat would be hilarious. Even though it started out being for Mao, they usually play with their pet shops on it. My favorite room is the laundry room. If my washer and dryer looked that cute, I'd probably have no problem getting the laundry done, lol! Thanks for popping by and have a lovely Sunday!


BananaStamper said...

So very cute! Love the "bathmat"!
Shanna :)

Sparkle said...

Just darling! Love all the decorations for each room!

Alanna said...

How cute is this? Your girls are very lucky.