Little Spring Purses

I've gotten back into sewing lately and though it's coming along a bit slowly, it's been fun to do something different. My girls love purses and bags, they get it from me, so with some fat quarters I made them each a little purse to put in their goodies - usually littlest pet shop toys and lipsmackers ;) I didn't use a pattern or anything since they are so simple. The top purse is Audrey's and the bottoms Cait's. I love that the fabrics fit them so well. I tried to get a little bit of the inside in the second picture to show the fun lining. Both of them have been loving their purses, especially Audrey, she takes it everywhere! She even wears it when she rides her scooter, lol. Thanks for visiting!


BananaStamper said...

These a fantastic! Wow, what lucky girls! I have been wanting to sew some reusable bags with fun fabrics, really must find some time to do that!

Sparkle said...

These are just darling! I love the fabric you used for Cait's!