Scrappy Embellies and Resolutions

I have sooooo many scraps. And making cards or trying to find ways to put them on a page is more thinking work than I want to do sometimes. What can I say, I've become a lazy crafter ;) So I thought about trying to use them up by making little embellishments, which is funny because I made these last week and yesterday I popped on Nichol's blog and saw that PTI was doing a use up your scraps challenge so I'll be making more of these with some of my PTI valentine's scraps soon for fun. I made two sets of these, one which I've been using for myself and the other I think I might gift, save for later, or if I get really ambitious - start an Etsy and be putting them there. I've made a couple things with these already and will be posting them laters ;)

And as is customary I made myself some New Year's Resolutions. I have this notebook that I keep in my purse all the time where I can make lists, jot down notes, schedule my day. The current version is a pretty little GreenRoom book, which I don't have a picture of and should probably take one to scrap ;) Anyway, I ended up with a ton of resolutions once I started writing, most of them involving fairly simple tasks such as get the new curtains I've been oogling at Pier 1 for the living room or get a cute lined basket to hold my dryer and straightener for the bathroom, lol. Some of them are more ambitious like make both Paul and I quilts, learn how to topstitch with Mom's sewing machine (mine is just a little cheapo), and make the backing, quilt, and bind the king size quilt top I finished 3 years ago that's still sitting in storage under my bed along with making the other kiddos quilts I have the material for and take a class to learn to sew clothes. Then there's my papercrafty goals, like streamlining my supplies, using up scraps, and starting an Etsy to sell extra cards, embellies and maybe even the extra dolls I made this past year. And of course the everlasting lose the baby fat goal which I am sorely tempted to get a gym membership for because if I spend the money I'll guilt myself into going in and then maybe I will finally shed this muffin top, lol. I also have Mommy goals such as try to be more patient and find more healthy foods my kids will eat, plus explore more of the fun things to do in town as a family since we always tend to go to the same places. Then my blogger goals such as to have a post at least once a week and to be more personable which is hard for me since I don't type at all like I talk (think a whole lot of spoonerisms and mixed up words, lol. Now think of my hubby the Lit major and how much fun he has with that ^_~) and a lot of what I would say is usually filtered out when I edit. I filled a page both sides with my goals for the year. Sometimes I think having less goals is easier, but this year I'm taking on my SIL's approach and setting many goals. That way if I even only get to doing half of them, then I've still done a lot. Anyway, whether or not you make resolutions I wish you luck in the New Year and I hope you had fun reading some of mine. Thanks for visiting and have a fab Saturday!


Alanna said...

What a great way to use up scraps Marjorie. Love them. As for your resolutions, they all sound great and I wish you all the luck in 2010.

Jessica G. said...

Wonderful idea for using up those scraps! Your homemade embellies are beautiful and it would be so quick and easy to create a whole batch of fun cards with these cuties!!

I'm with you on the Resolutions; I make a long list so I can feel good about achieving at least a few!

BananaStamper said...

Great emebellies Marjorie! So fun! It's fun to hear what others resolutions or goals are. The gym doesn't work so well for me. One of my big goals is to make good use of the treadmill downstairs. I love to read and I am going to see how that goes while walking on the treadmill since I'm not much of a TV viewer. Good luck with all your goals! Have a great weekend!
Shanna :)

pat said...

WOW!! great idea...I love all your embellies!! I may have to do this.
thanks for sharing.