This card was made for the day 7 challenge on Paper Crafter Planet's 12 days of Christmas challenge. The challenge was to create a black and white card - think formal wedding - and if you want a dash of color. The penguins were already black and white so I took inspiration from them to try and make a simple but pretty card with them. I signed up on PCP just so I could participate in these challenges, lol. I'm still getting used to it. I think they are using the same engine that Inspired Blueprints is using but all I really do there is upload and leave some comments, lol. PCP has groups and so many more events and options and tabs that I'm still a little overwhelmed. Someone said it's like facebook but for scrappers. I don't have a facebook so I have no idea, lol, but so far it's been pretty fun.

Here's Caitie with her pizza face and wearing a couple of her prezzies (the Tink shirt and purse). Yesterday was her birthday. Where does the time go? It doesn't seem so long ago that she was Audrey's size and Audrey.... well I still rock and cuddle her like she's a baby even though she weighs almost as much as Cait!! LOL We had a small party at home since she has been sick. Today she woke up with a low fever and a sore throat still, but nothing too serious. She didn't get to go to school, but that didn't dampen her spirits, lol. She has been so cheerful and happy all day ^_~ We won't be able to celebrate with family for a couple weeks because of schedules, so we just did little special things throughout the day with her to celebrate and she got a couple prezzies which she loved! She picked pizza and cupcakes for dinner though I have to say my cupcakes came out all wonky this time. I filled the first batch cupcakes too full so the tops were all funny, lol, but of course no one minded but me. The main thing was that she had a blast and I'm so glad she did even though she was sick! Anyway, thanks for visiting and have a happy Tuesday!


Lori said...

Caite looks so happy for birthday. Love your card too.

Seleise said...

super cute penguin card. hope Caite is feeling better!

chelemom said...

Your card is ADORABLE!!!!