Face It

Supplies : Paper - Pebbles Inc., Sassyfras, and My Minds Eye; Yellow candy dots by Pebbles Inc; Thickers by American Crafts; Buttercup CS by CTMH;

I have to admit that my girls are hilarious. They make me laugh everyday with all their shenanigans! Audrey kept insisting that I help her tape potato head's bottom to her face since all she managed to do was ruin a bunch of tape trying to do it herself. It was so out of the blue and so funny that I was laughing the whole time. After we got her set, Audrey was SO happy. She was giggling like crazy and I had to take pictures of this. We still aren't sure where she got the idea, if it was from seeing a doctor in a surgical mask, or maybe storm troopers from star wars, or soldiers in desert warfare. I suppose it doesn't matter where the idea initially came from, it's darling how imaginative she is no matter what. It kept sliding down but she didn't mind and she wore that thing for over a half an hour until the tape completely gave away. Then she wanted us to tape it back on again! I definitely have some goofy girls! Enjoy and have a fab Friday!!


Kathi Carlson said...

Cute! Love the papers, sweet photos, and the great story that goes with them. Silly kids are happy kids!

Alanna said...

What fun pictures. It's neat that you were able to capture some of these memories.

Jane said...

That is TOO funny. Aren't kids fun? We buy them expensive toys and instead they want to play with boxes, tupperware, and mud. (And apparently only PART of Mr. Potato Head).

Great layout.


Sparkle said...

This is so adorable and totally funny. She's just precious! I love the cute birdie paper.