More Bellas

Are you all sick of me making Bella cards yet? ^_~ Just more catching up on the challenges. Now all I have is this week and then the sketch challenge #44 and I think I'm all caught up!

BCC46 and BSC46 with Tiny Tina Teacup - Tulip, Blush, Olive, and Heavenly Blue

BCC47 and BSC47 with Snowbunnybella - Cranberry, Blush, Key Lime, and Ocean

BCC48 and BSC48 with Daisybella - Autumn Terracota, Goldrush, and Orchid Bouquet

Thanks for visiting and Merry Wednesday!!


Giffysk8s said...

Love the cards and colors! I love to peruse your blog. It's so pretty and inspiring!

Stacy said...

How could we ever get sick of your cards? Love them! :-)

Sparkle said...

They're so cute! Wow, you caught up really fast! Hope your week is goine well dearie!

Jenn said...

More great Bella cards!!! :D I love what you do with that white gel pen!!! :D