Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween tonight!! Each year we gauge whether or not Caitie has outgrown her phobia of people in black and the Halloween decor and she hasn't. I can't even take her grocery shopping with me right now because of all the scary Halloween stuff at the stores. So for the past few weeks I've been going shopping with Audrey while Cait is in school. We decorate with cutesy stuff in our home but all the stores around decorate pretty scary to sell the Halloween merchandise. She actually has panic attacks so it's not just a little thing that we can get around. Anyway, it has been the same this year so no trick-or-treating again. But my girls never seem to mind, their favorite part is just getting dressed up and it's become our own little tradition to do a fun photo shoot, make goodies, and just have a good time at home ^_~

This bella I made for the #52 color challenge. The colors this week are more Halloween - Orange, Taffy, Grey Wool, and Black. Anytime I see grey I automatically cringe, lol. I'm usually not good with grey. But I LOVE the way this came out. I was trying to color Witchybella's hat like a candy corn and it totally did not work, hehehe. But that's okay because I ended up doing some shading on her entire outfit and putting the candy corn theme on her socks and I am loving the result! The shadow, pumpkin's face, straps on her dress, and her hat's stripe are all done up with my stardust pen so that they shimmer. This has got to be my favorite Halloween card that I've made :D

I also played with the #52 sketch challenge. This one was so hard for me!! I wasn't liking anything I was doing. I had a cup stamped out and paper pieced and tried to make a cute scallop circle around it for the circle element... just everything I was doing didn't look right. The ribbon is there to cover up a huge coloring botch and the flowers are there because my center circle seemed to completely clash with the card. I think it came out alright in the end, but boy was this one frustrating for me, lol!

Aren't they just too cute!! I love their huggy poses :D Lately though I can't get them to smile. Or Cait will smile now, but Audrey won't. I'm sure all the moms out there know exactly what that's like, lol.

Here is my Supergirl!! She did this little pose all by herself! I think tonight for their photos I'm going to have her wear her red headband. We'll see how it works out ^_~

And Audrey was Cinderella yesterday :D The dress is too big for her but she still looks so darling in it! She was in her Batgirl costume earlier but traded it out before we went outside for the Princess dress. I'm still wondering how in the world I'm going to do her hair tonight. I'm sure whatever we come up with will be cute though. Have a Happy Halloween everyone!!


Giffysk8s said...

Oh, Marjorie, too cute! The girls are so adorable! LOVE your cards BTW. You did a fab job with both of them!

Have a great family party tonight! Can't wait to hear all about it!

We are the Moses tribe. said...

First, your girls look adorable. Reynna was supergirl a couple of years ago. What fun costumes and I love the picture of them hugging each other.

Second, both of your cards are fabulous. You really bring out the best in Bella.

Danni said...

Adorable kiddos!! and awesome cards, love that witchybella!

Tiff said...

I think I have the boy versions of your girls...they have the same features! You're making me want to try for some girls now b/c your girls are drop-dead gorgeous!!!!!

Your coloring is superb! Love how you highlighted everything!

Seleise said...

cute costumes and darling cards! Have a super day!

pat said...

Happy Halloween to you!!
Your cards are supper cute, and your girls are beautiful!!


Sandra T. said...

Have a Happy and safe Halloween with those cutie pies!!!

Jenn said...

Awesome cards! I love all the details you added to the witchybella one, it turned out beautifully!

My oldest DD was also so afraid of all of the Halloween stuff until she turned about 5 or 6, poor thing. I remember living in our first apartment and the neighbor's across from us had this motion activated screaming witch on their front door. Well, it's a good thing we lived on the ground floor of the building because she REFUSED to walk through our front door for a couple of months and we had to leave our apartment through our sliding patio door! I'm with the girls though, I don't care much for all that scary stuff either!

Have a great time tonight!

Jenn said...

Your girls are just darling, BTW!

Mommy Poulsen said...

What cute girls. My daughter was afraid of my son's Grim Reaper at first, but got use to it by Halloween. Your daughter would probably be afraid if she saw it. Poor thing!