Who's Who?

These are the old pictures I was talking about in my last post. The ones that had been in the frame. Before I took them down we had these fun pictures up on our hall wall: a set with me and a set with Paul. Both our girls looked so much a like as babies that you couldn't tell their baby pictures apart. So what we did for fun was put pictures taken in similar poses, during about the same ages (nope we didn't plan this but we took so many photos with both our girls that we just happened to have some that worked out this way), and framed them. This set was me with the girls. They are so hard to tell apart! If you look really REALLY close, A has slightly (very slightly!) different eyebrows and chin. At that age their noses were the same which is their biggest differencing feature right now (though a lot of people still mistake them for twins!) They are both 5 months in these pictures ;) While cropping at my friend Julie's, I decided to scrap this story of how we tell their baby pictures apart, which is basically to look at the clothes they are wearing ;) A was a little smaller than C. Instead of growing out of things a month early like her big sis, A didn't get to wear them until often a month later. I also used a bunch of scraps from the girls room redecorating project. In fact all the pages I made at the crop use at least some of the those scraps ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the page! Have a great Tuesday!

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