Stuck 2 You

These pictures crack me up. One day I left the stickers down for C to use, A was 3 at the time. It seemed like I had just turned around when suddenly I see A has covered herself in stickers, lol! Toddlers are so funny ;) I'm certain C had been helping her as well. I love my silly girls. Since this was my last page at the crop, my mojo was starting to wane. I took inspiration from the 1x1 inch patchwork I did on the girls letters in their rooms and created a fun border. I love the way it turned out, like a mini sampler of all those cute patterns! The extra plus is that it really goes well with all the square stickers A had on her face ;) So that's all I have to share. I hope you enjoyed the pages. Thanks for stopping by and have a fab Friday!

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BananaStamper said...

Too cute! Chester once coverd a very nice lady (who turned out to be a Nun) sitting next to us on the plane with stickers. Thank goodness she was kindly and didn't mind as it kept him busy the entire flight! lol