More Scraps

Scrappy Scraps : Another layout I did over the weekend at a friend's again. I love scrapping with fellow scrapping ladies, it seems all my best ideas come out when I do!! Must be all the creative juices floating about when we get together ^_^. So here's another bath layout I did.

Colors : Star Spangled Blue, Sunny Yellow, White Daisy
Paper : Giggles n Grins PP ('06), Star Spangled Blue CS, White CS
Stamps : Vroom Caps, Solo T, Boutique Alpha, Sans Small upper and lowercase, Beauty Seen
Inks : Sunny Yellow, Star Spangled Blue, Black
Accents : Chipboard letter W and bookplate, silver brads, clear circle windows

I didn't want to make a two page layout with so many of the poses looking so much alike so I came up with this to put all seven pics on one page. It's much brighter in person (my digital is old and not that good :P)

The together round stamp is from the solo T set as well. I stamped it in SS Blue and I stamped the 'BIG' in SS Blue as well with the sans small caps set before using a q-tip in my yellow ink pad to add some color emphasis to the word big. 'in the' and 'tub' were stamped in plain ol' black with the sans small lowercase set. Bubbles were from Beauty Seen and I used silver brads and more of the clear bubbles to embellish.

And this is a spontaneous art project. My FIL came over today just a few hours ago and handed us two large oval sheets and two small oval sheets. The assignment? To color it the way we wanted, as in some way that kind of represented ourselves (one each for my hubby and I, and the two small ones were for each of my girls). It's a project for my MIL's birthday. Now, he said color but I took that to mean 'create' ^_^. I'm usually terrible when it comes to collages but I really liked how this turned out. I didn't want to glue anything on so there is nothing here save ink and the paper that was giving to me. I won't go into all the stamp sets I used because the list would be crazy, but I used my favorite colors along with my fav combo of pink/chocolate. Colors are Cocoa, Hollyhock, Blush, Baby Pink, Sweet Leaf, and Bamboo. The scanner picked up the colors a bit differently than it looks in RL. It took a couple hours to create and I had a lot of fun just stamping out things that I felt described me a little.

Mommy Scraps : Getting ready for preschool (just homeschooling) is pretty hectic. I have a new appreciation for elementary and preschool teachers. There is so much in the curriculum these days, so many activities and projects, I just think 'Wow! And here I thought it was crazy getting these things prepared for just one kid!' Right now I can't imagine how it must be to prepare for an entire classroom. And I'll be taking it easy too. Caitlyn so far has been enjoying watching me get things ready for her, printing out big ABCs on cardstock, scanning and printing out her little worksheets and coloring projects, gathering interesting supplies like craft sticks, paper plates, and chinsel strands together for craft projects. So far it's been a big dose of fun for me as well, but it's also a bit overwhelming. She's my oldest, so essentially Caitie gets to be my parenting guinea pig. But I guess as long as both of us are having fun with the experiment, then it won't matter too much if everything doesn't happen according to plan or 'just right'.

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