Helping Mom

So I heard the girls clanking around in the kitchen this morning with silverware which usually means they are getting all my clean dishes dirty. As I'm telling them to get out of the kitchen I round the corner to see the dishwasher open and both of them.... putting the silverware away in the drawer. Audrey is getting them out of the basket and handing them to Caitlyn, who is putting them in their little slots in the drawer. Why there was all the clanking, I have no idea because once I'm in the kitchen their small silverware procession is a silent one. I had to smile and say I was sorry but they didn't pay me any mind and just continued with their work. They also pulled out the bowls and plates and set them on the counter since the cupboard where those go is up above the counter. It was so sweet and it was only afterward that I realized I should have gotten some pictures. Then again, the moment I brought out the camera they probably would have stopped like they usually do and would have been more interested in the camera than in putting away dishes.

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