Pool Side

This was the last layout I made at the crop. I didn't quite finish it there since there were some things I didn't have with me that I ended up wanting to put on the page, like those little fishes from my Tiny Treats stamp set. It used to be that I'd stuff everything I had into a XXL Crop 'n Style rolling monstrocity and a couple huge tote bags because I didn't know what I would use and didn't want to leave anything behind that I would need. But now I limit myself to a single bag so that means I have to somewhat plan ahead on what I'm going to be working on which works great if I've done a little stash shopping to make a kit. It's definitely improved how I crop and how much I get done. Plus it's much easier to carry one tote instead of a trunk load of supplies ;) I've been paring down how much I take to crops for the past couple years and I'm still not quite as streamlined as I want to be yet, but I'm getting there! Enjoy the page and have a fabulous Friday!

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BananaStamper said...

Such fun and bright colors and I love her suit! Great layout!

I have trouble knowing what to bring too, planning ahead does help, but it is a matter of finding the time to plan....