A Christmas Story and a Stocking Stuffer

In Caitlyn's class they are doing a Christmas Story each day until Winter Break. Our room mothers set it up so that one parent comes in and reads a Christmas Story. Then they add something to each of the childrens' stockings that they made from yarn and paper the week before. It's so fun for the kids. I volunteer Thursdays and Fridays so I've heard plenty about it and how excited the kiddos have been since they started this last Monday. My day is today and this is what I put together for them. In case you're wondering, the story is about a little Mouse without a name who on Christmas Eve suddenly wonders if anyone ever thinks to give Santa a present. So he gets out his best cheese, the one he's been saving and wraps it up to give to Santa. The little mouse wakes up to Santa holding him and thanking him for such a thoughtful gift. He asks the mouse's name but the mouse confesses that he doesn't have one. Santa decides that he needs such a generous helper and gives him a suit, boots, even a beard and calls him Santa Mouse. It's a cute short story and I loved how it focused on the mouse giving to others. Our stuffers don't have to match the story but when I brought the book home I realized my little mouse stamp would go perfectly with it. The stuffer I made is simply a mini cello bag with a couple chocolate treats. I made sure each baggie got a figure treat whether it was Santa or a snowman and then tied it with some simple curling ribbon. I punched out the tags and stamped them all with the mouse stamp from the 2008 Holiday Tags collection by Papertrey Ink. It's my go-to stamp set for Christmas goodies and present tags if you couldn't tell ;D I added a single jingle bell and then curled the ribbon up. They look so cute all together! I know the kids will probably only care about the candy, but I can hope that when they pull these out of their stockings they'll remember the Santa Mouse story. Thanks for visiting and have a marvelous Monday!

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