Pictures of the Week

Spring is here and it's photo fever for me. I have snapped over 200 shots this past week, though I've only kept about a fourth of them. I'm very trial and error with my photos, lol. One of these days I'll brave the manual capabilities of my camera, but for now the auto takes good enough pictures to satisfy me ^_~ Here are just a few of my favs. Isn't Audrey too cute in this picture? She is such a doll and I love that she will pose for the camera!

Lately Caitlyn's been a bit more camera shy and her best smiles seem to appear when she's not looking at the camera. I thought this one came out so sweet, it just captured one of her precious happy smiles that I haven't been able to catch in a while. She wasn't looking up at me but I think that made the photo even sweeter. Usually Caitlyn is so wild and fiery, but every once in a while she has her shy moments and this shot captured that feeling so well.

This last photo is of Audrey wearing one of my favorite hand-me-down outfits from Cait. I wished she would have given me some smiles (look at that almost pout!), but we were in a hurry to get Paul to the college so I didn't have time to snap more than just a few photos. After we came back home we ate lunch since hungry kids don't make happy models and Audrey spilt yogurt all over her dress, lol. I'll have to try again later because it's getting warmer and soon she won't even let me put the jacket on her, though the dress is darling without. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few peeks at the photos I've been taking. I have been thinking about doing that photo-a-day challenge, but we'll see ^_~ Anyhoo, have a wonderful Saturday!


Alanna said...

These are great pics of your girls. They are too darling.

Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Wow, these two stunners are certainly growing up. Gorgeous photos.

:) Marcia

scrap your heart out with Jen said...

You have captured the best natural photos. I don't even like taking posed pics anymore. These are gorgeous and will be a dream to scrapbook. I wish my kids posed that well for me. My boys despise the camera lens.