Supplies : Pattern Paper by Sassafras (bird print), Scenic Route (grid), and P Inc (dots); Cardstock and Brads by CTMH; Thickers letter stickers by American Crafts

The other day I was trying to craft and just couldn't get my mojo going so I decided to look up more sketches. I didn't want to go for my usual PageMaps and IB won't have the new sketch up until the 15th so I just picked a link on my side bar that sounded good and Getting Sketchy happened to be it. And happy day, the March sketch was totally an inspiration! If you make a layout using the sketch and link it before the 25th you'll also be entered into a random prize drawing ^_~

These are pictures of my girls in the tunnel at the park. Their Aunt was playing peek-a-boo with them and taking pictures. They are a bit blurry but way too cute to toss. Using some fun Sassyfras paper and some old scraps from summer layouts, this page came together in a jiffy and I love how everything on the page helped bring out the fun in the funky photos. Recently they completely tore out the old playground and installed a really nice new one in our complex. Both the girls love it! The last time I took Audrey by herself since Cait was in school. She wanted to go down the slide but wouldn't and I couldn't figure out why because she just kept pointing down the slide. So I got closer to her and asked what was wrong and she said "It's stuck!" "What's stuck?" I asked back. "The BUG!" There was this teeny tiny gnat sitting almost half way down the slide! I have no idea how she could have possibly spotted the thing before hightailing it down the slide but I brushed it away and suddenly all was well, lol.

The funny thing is I think they get that from me because Cait does it too! She notices bugs that you have to hunt for to even see, lol. Anyway, when Paul and I were first together I always did that. I'd see a tiny gnat on the wall while we had the lights off and were watching TV, or I'd see the itsy light brown spider crawling over the tan carpet. It would drive Paul crazy because I'm also terrified of bugs! Yes I know they are smaller, I am big, but still.... they terrify me. Since I've had the girls I don't see them as often and I've really had to just suck up my fear and take care of the little suckers. Of course this has good ramifications and bad. While I don't want Audrey and Caitie to be too afraid of bugs (I pretend I'm not scared when I have to get them, unless they are big and then there is just no hiding it), I also didn't want them to really like them either and Audrey has more than once brought potato bugs and beetles in the house, lol! Though I seriously wasn't laughing when it happened. ^_~ Anyway, thanks for visiting and reading my bug ramble, lol. Have a fabulous Friday!!


Sparkle said...

Your layout is just darling. I don't like bugs too, so I understand. :) Have a great weekend!

Kathi Carlson said...

Your layouts are amazing! The photos are great, too. Love all the expressions you catch! As for bugs, I raised boys, so I kind of had to develop an affection for them.