The Weekend's Layouts

Or mostly just Saturday's layouts. I didn't get to scrap at all Friday, but Saturday I tried to make up for it after the girls went to bed. Needless to say both my hubby and I were up until 2 am that night, him doing homework and me scrappin' away ^_~.

This one is my simple scrapbook page since this layout reminds me of the layouts in that magazine, the no fuss kind that go together in a snap and have that minimalist look to them.

I used a Pagemaps layout on this one that I used before on the Hey There Cupcake layout. This layout was the one I did today and was completely unexpected since I was trying to find photos to go with the Life Delights paper. But I pulled these out and felt a 'hey you should scrap these now' feeling. The papers I pulled out seemed odd but still flowed together and the embellies seemed to just tie everything together magically. It came out way cute even though I was so skeptical while making this. I just kept thinking, "I don't really like these papers right now", and "these colors are way too dark", but in the end it matched the photos and theme perfectly!

Using up some of the Sonata papers and a pagemaps book layout. I LOVE these papers, the only thing is they are kind of music themed. Now don't get me wrong, I love music. I listen to music, usually instrumental or piano, all through the day. I play piano as well though not as much as I should since Caitlyn was born, BUT I don't have any pictures of this. Bad me, I know. Anyway, I love the colors and thought the background didn't look too musicish, so let's try it. And I adore the papers with these pictures!

Finally using up some of the life delights papers. I was trying to use up my paper packs one at a time and it worked for a little bit but I think the monotony was starting to hit me and so I've been mixing it up. As long as I'm scrapping up my supplies it's all good right? ^_~ And using up my old stuff is an added plus, I think.

I adore this page. The basic grey I got this past winter, the bo bunny late spring, and the other bo bunny just about a month ago I think so it's fairly new stuff. I figure I should get to play with my new stuff if I'm also using up the old, you know? I think the best part is the pictures on this though. Poor Audrey and that crazy hair of hers!!

Speaking of hair, Caitlyn had decided this week to give Audrey a hair cut. She only gave her bangs, thank goodness, and I think it was because that was the way her cousin's hair was. She had her last visit with us before going back to Colorado two days before Caitie did this. I am still too mortified to take pictures as I hate bangs. Everyone says she looks adorable with them, but all I can think is they are going to be a pain to grow out, lol. We will probably get her a cute a-line bob to help cutify her hair. And that way I don't have to keep putting it up, which could actually be nice. It's been nice not having to put up Caitie's hair (she had it cut last month a little longer than chin length), so it might be doubly nice to not have to put up Audrey's as well. Anyway, next up in a few minutes is my #25 color challenge!


Jenn said...

WOW!!! You have created some amazing LO's!!! I also love your LO's and these are no exception. You have so many cute pics of your girls!!! I absolutely love the Oh, Oh she's Magic one...super cute!!! :D

Sue said...

These are just beautiful Marjorie. I couldn't pick a favorite!

Littlekel90 said...

Oooh, love those Sonata papers, and terrific LO's as usual, girl! :) Kel

Marcia said...

Layouts are gorgeous as usual - why do kids always want to be hairdressers? Man they do such a 'wonderful' job on the dos!

Seleise said...

hee hee - I'm waiting for my 3 and a half-year-old niece to do that to her 15 month little brother. :) great pages and pics!